Test methods - volume 1

(a) Pretreatment of samplesT100 - Sampling road construction materials (Soil, Gravel, Sand, Aggregate, Rock and Recycled Products)Aug-20Current
(a) Pretreatment of samplesT102 - Pretreatment of road construction materials by compactionOct-12Current
(a) Pretreatment of samplesT103 - Pretreatment of road construction materials by artificial WeatheringOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT105 - Preparation of samples for testing (Soils)Oct-12Current
(b) GeneralT106 - Coarse particle distribution in road construction materialsOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT107 - Fine particle distribution in road construction materialsOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT108 - Liquid limit of road materialsOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT109 - Plastic limit and plasticity index of road construction materialsOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT111 - Dry density/moisture relationship of road construction materialOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT112 - Dry density/moisture relationship of road construction materials (modified compaction)Oct-12Current
(b) GeneralT113 - Linear shrinkage of road construction materialsOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT114 - Maximum dry compressive strength of road construction MaterialsOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT116 - Unconfined compressive strength of remoulded road construction MaterialsOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT117 - California bearing ratio of remoulded specimens of road construction materialOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT118 - Determination of the in situ California bearing ratio of road materialJuly-20Current
(b) GeneralT119 - Field density of road construction materials (sand replacement method)Oct-12Current
(b) GeneralT120 - Moisture content of road construction materials (standard method)Oct-12Current
(b) GeneralT121 - Moisture content of road construction materials (sand bath or hot plate method)Oct-12Current
(b) GeneralT123 - pH Value of a soil (electrometric method)Oct-12Current
(b) GeneralT125 - Field density of road construction materials (balloon densometer method)Oct-12Current
(b) GeneralT126 - Assessment of primer or binder absorption by road gravelOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT127 - Apparent density of fine soil particlesOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT128 - Apparent density of soils containing coarse particlesOct-12Current
(b) GeneralT129 - Bulk density and water absorption of the fine sand fraction of soils Oct-12Current
(c) Stablisation with cementT130 - Dry density-moisture relationship for mixtures of road construction materials (blended in the laboratory with Cementitious Binders)Oct-12Current
(c) Stablisation with cementT131 - Unconfined compressive strength of road construction materials (blended in the laboratory with Cementitious Binders)Oct-12Current
(c) Stablisation with cementT132 - Determination of the California bearing ratio of cement modified road materials stabilised or modified with proportions of cementOct-12Current
(c) Stablisation with cementT133 - Durability of road materials modified or stabilised by the addition of cementOct-12Current
(c) Stablisation with cementT134 - Lime or cement content of uncured stabilised soil (E.D.T.A. Method)Oct-12Current
(c) Stablisation with cementT135 - Cement content of cement stabilised soil (EDTA Method)-Withdrawn
(c) Stablisation with cementT136 - Rate of spread of dry powder bindersOct-12Current
(c) Stablisation with cementT137 - Cement content of cement stabilised material (heat of neutralisation method)Oct-12Current
(d) Stablisation with lime or lime-flyashT143 - Lime content of lime stabilised materialsOct-12Current
(d) Stablisation with lime or lime-flyashT144 - Determination of the lime saturation point of roadmaking materials by the pH methodOct-12Current
(d) Stablisation with lime or lime-flyashT146 - Conductometric determination of the lime or cement content of stabilised materialOct-12Current
(d) Stablisation with lime or lime-flyashT147 - Working time for road construction materials (blended in the laboratory with slow setting binders)Oct-12Current
(e) Stablisation with bituminous materialsT150 - Density - Moisture relations for mixtures of road materials and bituminous materialsMay-99Current
(e) Stablisation with bituminous materials T151 - Determination of absorption and compressive strength of road materials stabilised or modified with bituminous materialsOct-12Current
(e) Stablisation with bituminous materialsT152 - Stability of Mixtures of Road Materials and Bituminous Materials (Hubbard - Field Method)Oct-12Current
(e) Stablisation with bituminous materialsT153 - The half-life and expansion ratio of foamed bitumenOct-20Current
(e) Stablisation with bituminous materialsT154 - Resilient modulus of road construction materials stabilised by foamed bitumen (blended in the laboratory)Dec-13Current
(f) General (b) continuedT160 - Benkelman beam deflection testOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT161 - Dynamic cone penetrometerOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT162 - Compaction control test (rapid method)Oct-12Current
(f) General (b) continued T163 - Compaction factor of soils and gravelsOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT164 - Maximum dry density of cohesionless materials (by vibration)Oct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT165 - Density in situ of road construction materials (fixed volume extractive Method)Oct-12Current
(f) General (b) continued T166 - Relative compaction of road construction materialsOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT167 - Determination of the California bearing ratio of remoulded specimens of road materials (design method)Oct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT168 - Determination of in situ infiltration of water into a road pavementOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT169 - Measurement of soil moisture suction using the filter paper methodOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT170 - Determination of the soil suction-moisture content relationship for soilsOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT171 - Modified Texas triaxial compression test for pavement materialsOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT171a - Addendum to modified Texas triaxial testNov-07Current
(f) General (b) continuedT172 - Determination of capillary rise and swell and absorption of road materialsOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT173 - Field dry density of road construction materials (nuclear gauge in direct transmission method)Oct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT176 - Calibration of a Nuclear Density-Moisture Gauge (Blocks Method)-Withdrawn
(f) General (b) continuedT177 - Pavement deflection measurement (falling weight deflectometer)Oct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT179 - Determination of the pavement longitudinal surface profile Factor (one metre profile beam)Oct-03Current
(f) General (b) continuedT180 - Moisture content of road construction materials (microwave oven method)Oct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT182 - Pavement surface roughnessOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT183 - Surface deviation using a straightedgeOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT185 - Resistivity of sands and granular materialOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT186 - Erodibility of stabilised road construction materialsOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT187 - Measurement of ride quality of road pavements by laser profilerOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT188 - Project ride quality (Vehicular laser profilometer)Oct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT189 - Determination of skid resistance by sideways force measuring EquipmentNov-13Current
(f) General (b) continuedT190 - Fine particle size distribution by hydrometerOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT191 - Determination of deflection and curvature by deflectographOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT192 - Determination of the texture depth of road surfacing by the TRL mini texture meterOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT193 - Establishing and maintaining control charts for concrete base course thicknessJul-03Current
(f) General (b) continuedT194 - Establishing and maintaining control charts for concrete pavement surface heightsJul-03Current
(f) General (b) continuedT195 - Sampling plan for surface level departures for sampling concrete pavement surface heightsJul-03Current
(f) General (b) continuedT198 - Proof rolling testAug-13Current
(f) General (b) continuedT199 - Deflection monitoring testDec-20Current
(f) General (b) continuedT2105 - Correlation of moisture content with standard methodOct-12Current
(f) General (b) continuedT2160 - Determination of extent of road pavement cracking by RoadCrack EquipmentOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT200 - Chloride content of roadbaseOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT201 - Particle distribution of aggregates (by washing)Oct-12Current
(g) Aggregates T202 - Presence of friable particles in aggregatesOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT203 - Particle distribution of aggregates finer than 75 µm (by washing)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT204 - Los Angeles test for coarse aggregatesOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT205 - Aggregate crushing valueOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT208 - Water absorption of coarse aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT209 - Density and water absorption of coarse aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT210 - Density and water absorption of fine aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT211 - Uncompacted bulk density of aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT212 - Compacted bulk density of aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT213 - Particle shape by proportional calliperOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT215 - Wet/Dry strength variationOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT216 - Sandstone crushing valueOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT217 - Accelerated expansion testOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT218 - Total sulphur content in metallurgical slagOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT219 - Acid soluble sulphate content in road construction materialsOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT220 - Iron unsoundness in metallurgical slagOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT221 - Dusting or falling unsoundness in metallurgical slag (Petrographic method)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT222 - Indirect tensile strength of rock drill core (Brazil or Splitting test)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT223 - Determination of the point load strength of rock specimens (Field method)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT224 - Determination of the ultrasonic velocity of soil and rockOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT225 - Petrographic examination of granular materialOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT226 - Petrographic examination of rock in thin section and polished thin sectionOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT227 - Clay content of crushed rock used for pavement construction (X-ray & Petrographic methods)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT229 - Unconfined compressive strength of rock core to 50 MPa strengthOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT230 - Resistance to stripping of aggregates and bindersOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT231 - Frictional resistance by Pendulum testerOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT232 - Average texture depth of road surface using the textural depth meterOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT233 - Polishing value of aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT234 - Polishing value of aggregate by traffickingOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT235 - Average least dimension of aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT236 - Rate of spread of cover aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT237 - Rate of application of precoat to aggregateApr-12Current
(g) AggregatesT238 - Initial adhesion of cover aggregates and bindersOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT239 - Fractured faces of coarse aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT240 - Road surface texture depth (sand patch)Dec-13Current
(g) AggregatesT260 - Organic impurities in fine aggregate (colour test)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT262 - Determination of moisture content of aggregates (standard method)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT263 - Bulking of sandOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT264 - Soluble salts in sandOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT266 - Soundness of aggregates (by use of sodium sulphate solution)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT268 - Determination of clay or fine silt content in aggregate (settling method)Oct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT269 - Sugar in aggregateOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT270 - Material finer than 2 µm in aggregatesOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT271 - Ball penetration testApr-12Current
(g) AggregatesT272 - Modified tray test for sealing aggregatesOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT273 - Investigation of seal behaviourOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT274 - Aggregate spread rate (field method)Apr-12Current
(g) AggregatesT275 - Average least dimension of 5 mm and 7 mm aggregatesOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT276 - Foreign materials content of recycled crushed concreteOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT277 - Measurement of loose aggregate on sprayed sealsOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT278 - Aggregate shape by AGD/ALD dimensionOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT279 - Flow time and voids content of fine aggregate by flow coneOct-12Current
(g) AggregatesT280 - Determination of maximum particle dimension of road construction materials by direct measurementMar-15Current
(h) ConcreteT300 - Method of sampling fresh concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT301 - Consistence of concrete (slump test)Oct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT302 - Compacting factor of concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT303 - Mass per unit volume of freshly mixed concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT304 - Moulding of concrete specimens for testing in compression, indirect tension and flexureJun-14Current
(h) ConcreteT305 - Inspection and capping of concrete compression test specimensOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT306 - Compressive strength of concrete specimensOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT307 - Compressive strength of concrete specimens (manual machine)Oct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT308 - Static chord modulus of elasticity of concrete specimensOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT309 - Cement content & mix proportions of hardened concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT310 - Compressive strength of concrete cores;Oct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT312 - Drying shrinkage of concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT313 - Bleeding of concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT314 - Method of mixing concrete in the laboratoryOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT315 - Indirect tensile strength of concrete cylindersOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT316 - Mass per unit volume of hardened concrete (rapid measuring methodOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT317 - Mass per unit volume of hardened concrete (water displacement method)Oct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT318 - Saturated surface dry moisture content of coarse aggregateOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT319 - Saturated surface dry moisture content of fine aggregateOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT320 - Determination of air content of freshly mixed concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT321 - Drying shrinkage of 100 x 100 x 280 mm concrete prismsOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT322 - Flow of grout mixturesOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT323 - Expansion and bleeding of groutOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT327 - Making and curing of concrete flexural test specimensOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT328 - Flexural strength of concrete specimensOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT329 - Wet sieving of concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT330 - Preparation of Epoxy mortarsOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT331 - Making and curing Epoxy mortar and Epoxy resin test specimens for compressive flexural strength testingOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT332 - Inspection and capping of Epoxy resin mortar test specimensOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT333 - Composite cylinder test for evaluation of wet-to-dry concrete adhesiveOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT334 - Tensile bond strength of Epoxy resin mortarOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT335 - Compressive strength of Epoxy resin and Epoxy mortar specimensOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT337 - Gelation time for Epoxy adhesives for raised pavement markersOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT339 - Tensile bond strength development of Epoxy adhesive for raised pavement markerOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT340 - Load testing of precast concrete pipesOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT341 - Load testing of precast concrete box culvertsOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT342 - Load testing of concrete fence postsOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT362 - Interim test for verification of curing regime - sorptivityOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT363 - Accelerated mortar bar test for AAR assessmentJan-12Current
(h) ConcreteT364 - Concrete prism test for AAR assessmentOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT366 - Dowel pull-out testOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT367 - Field simulated curing and testing of moulded concrete specimensOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT368 - Dressing Of voids in concrete specimens and adjustment for embedded steelJan-14Current
(h) ConcreteT369 - Longitudinal profile testingOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT370 - Project ride quality (walking profiler)Oct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT371 - Determination of calcium nitrite quantity in fresh concrete (test strips)Oct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT373 - Determination of the toughness of a fibre reinforced shotcrete mix - round determinate panel testOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT374 - Determination of the toughness of a fibre reinforced shotcrete mix - centrally loaded beam testOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT375 - Sampling and testing of groutOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT376 - Moulding of no fines concrete specimensAug-16Current
(h) ConcreteT377 - Water permeability of no fines concrete (falling head laboratory permeameter)Aug-16Current
(h) ConcreteT378 - Void content of no fines concreteOct-12Current
(h) ConcreteT379 - Cleanliness of sawn concrete pavement jointsMay-13Current
(h) ConcreteT380 - Field adhesion of joint sealant to concreteMay-13Current
(h) ConcreteT381 - Relative compaction of pavement concreteSep-14Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT401 - Normal consistency and setting time of cementOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT402 - Compressive strength of sand-cement mortar cubesOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT403 - Loss on ignitionOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT430 - Available calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide in limeOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT431 - Residue of Quicklime after slakingOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and filler T432 - Rate of slaking of QuicklimeOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT433 - Determination of sieve residue of fly ash and hydrated limeOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and filler T434 - Water soluble fraction of fine materialOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT435 - Apparent particle density of fine materialOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT436 - Voids in dry compacted fine materialsOct-12Current
(i) Cement lime flyash and fillerT437 - Moisture content of fine materialOct-12Current

(a) pretreatment of samples

(b) general)


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