Terms of use - specifications



The Roads and Maritime Services Specifications and Guides to Specifications are policy documents within the meaning of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) ('GIPA') and these documents are accordingly made available to you pursuant to Section 23 and Section 24 of GIPA.

The Specifications were developed by Roads and Maritime for use with roadworks and bridgeworks contracts let by Roads and Maritime or local councils. Roads and Maritime only uses the Specifications in conjunction with its other standard form documents and under the supervision of professional civil engineers who are trained and experienced in roadworks and bridgeworks. Roads and Maritime does not use the Specifications for any other purpose and does not consider them suitable for use for any other purpose.

Consistent with GIPA, the purposes for which these documents have been made available for inspection by you are:

  • To satisfy Roads and Maritime's obligation under Section 23 and Section 24 of GIPA, to make its policy documents available for inspection and purchase by members of the public
  • To ensure that you, as a member of the public who may be affected by the operation of this document, have access to the document.

If you use these documents for any purpose which is not consistent with the above (including, without limitation, for carrying out any investigations, design, construction, engineering, maintenance or other work), you do so at your own risk.

Roads and Maritime makes no representations or warranty that the Specifications have been prepared with reasonable care and does not assume a duty of care to you. Roads and Maritime has no responsibility to inform you of any matter coming to Roads and Maritime's notice which may affect the quality of the Specifications in any way. You may print a copy of the Specifications for your own purposes, but must not copy, reproduce or modify the Specifications. Your attention is drawn to Roads and Maritime's Disclaimer and Copyright Messages.

No advisory or support services will be provided by Roads and Maritime.

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