Technical directions


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GTD 2020/001 - Excavation adjacent to Transport for NSW Infrastructure 118Kb
SVTD 2019/02 - Using Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or ‘Drones’ 233Kb
PTD 2019/002 - Short term treatment for sprayed seal distress due to extreme hot weather 102Kb
PTD 2019/001 - Treatments for bleeding seals 535Kb
SVTD 2019/01 - Implementation of revised Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA) GDA 2020 179Kb
RTD 2019/001 - Installation of Pedestrian Fencing on New South Wales Classified Roads 99.3Kb
GTD 2018/002 - Trenchless Excavation within the Easement of Transport for NSW Infrastructure 131Kb
GTD 2018/001 - Geotechnical Design for Remediation of Existing Slopes and Embankments 79.6Kb
PTD 2017/002 - Implementation of Revised Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2 - Pavement Structural Design 52.8Kb
PTD 2017/001 - Cutback bitumen chart for sprayed sealing 857Kb
GTD 2016/001 - Geotechnical design and construction requirements for sediment basins 91.9Kb
GTD 2015/001 - Use of new geotechnical products or techniques on Transport for NSW projects 333Kb
PTD 2015/001 - Foamed bitumen stabilisation 118Kb
AMP-TD-2014/02 - Improved First Coat Painted Markings on Sprayed Seal Pavements in Rural Areas 64.3Kb
PTD 2013/004 - Selection of surface treatments to improve skid resistance 166Kb
RTD 2011/001 - Plastic Water Filled Devices 65.7Kb
2009/001 - Restriction on the installation of new steel culverts 33.1Kb
2009/002 - Rehabilitation Guideline for Corrugated Steel Culverts 516Kb
TD 2007/01 - Ingal Block Status 71.7Kb
TD 2005/07 (OSD07) - Design of Geotextile Seals and Reseals 56.6Kb
Bridge technical directions 65.1Kb
Traffic and transport technical directions 56.8Kb


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