Bridge technical directions - 2000 to current


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Bridge Technical Direction Manual 203Kb
BTD2019/01: Provision for Electrical Continuity of Steel in Concrete Structures 167Kb
BTD2018/01: Bridge bearings 85.1Kb
BTD2017/01: Standard Bridge drawings 159Kb
BTD2017/02: Implementation of AS 5100:2017 - Bridge Design 58.7Kb
BTD2014/01: Traffic loading for bridges 60.9Kb
BTD2014/02: Durability Plan for Bridges and Other Structures 112Kb
BTD2014/03: Release of Secure Bridge Plans 34.3Kb
BTD2013/01: Design of precast reinforced concrete box culverts 64.9Kb
BTD2012/01: Provision of safety screens on bridges 110Kb
BTD2011/01: Use of proprietary precast reinforced concrete modular bridge deck systems 72.3Kb
BTD2011/02: Use of CFA piles on bridges 66.2Kb
BTD2011/03: Skid-resistant treatments for bridge deck joints 65.3Kb
BTD2011/05 Rev 1: Minimum restraint capacity for superstructures 56.7Kb
BTD2011/06: Provision for the design of Super-T girder bridges 141Kb
BTD2011/07: Transport for NSW Interim code for concrete design 62.7Kb
BTD2011/08: Testing of cast-in-place concrete piles 87.5Kb
BTD2010/03: Pretensioned bridge members - concrete transfer strength requirements 48.9Kb
BTD2009/01: Design of Sign Structures 54.5Kb
BTD2009/02: Management of Bridge Rehabilitation Design Projects 124Kb
BTD2008/15: Concrete Parapets on Pedestrian Overbridges 50.5Kb
BTD2008/12: Provisions for Concrete Structures in Acid Sulfate Soils 424Kb
BTD2008/11: Lists of Transport for NSW approved Bridge Components and Systems 59.3Kb
BTD2008/10: Bridge Deck Joints 881Kb
BTD2008/09: Link Slabs for Precast Pretensioned Concrete Girder Bridges 137Kb
BTD2008/08: Provision of Conduits in Bridge Traffic Barriers 48.6Kb
BTD2008/07: Design of Bridge Supports for Collision Load from Road Traffic 60.02Kb
BTD2008/06: Joints in Precast Concrete Barrier Elements on a Grade 49.7Kb
BTD2008/05: Splicing of Steel Girders Using Bolts 49.1Kb
BTD2008/03: Use of Profiled Steel Sheeting in Bridges and Minor Structures 60.7Kb
BTD2008/02: Access for Inspection, Monitoring and Repair or Replacement of Bridge Components 54.2Kb
BTD2007/13: Durability of Steel Piles in Contact with Acid Sulfate Soils 56.7Kb
BTD2007/11: Horizontal Reinforcement for Crack Control in Walls and Wall Type Piers 61.6Kb
BTD2007/10: Restraint of Longitudinal Reinforcement in Columns 64.5Kb
BTD2007/09: Soil-Arch Structures 52.5Kb
BTD2007/08: Design of Replacement Traffic Barriers on Existing Bridges 463Kb
BPC2007/07: Vertical Clearances on Bridges 268Kb
BPC2007/06: Transport for NSW Structural Drafting and Detailing Manual 59.4Kb
BPC2007/05: Design of Integral Bridges 53.1Kb
BPC2006/05: Pipes and Conduits for Bridgeworks 59.4Kb
BPC2006/03: Transport for NSW Approval of Proprietary Bridging Systems 59.01Kb
BPC2005/09: Provision of Disabled Access for Pedestrian Bridges 39.9Kb
BPC2005/08: Welding of Bridges 38.3Kb
BPC2005/06: Bird Nesting in Bridge Abutments and Box Girders 62.2Kb
BPC2005/05: Use of Steel Fibre Reinforced Reactive Powder Concrete (Ductal) in Transport for NSW Works 38.1Kb
BPC2004/11: Strategies for Enhancing the Durability of Post Tensioned Concrete Bridges 73.9Kb
BPC2004/09: Policy Circulars Made Redundant by AS 5100:2004 53.9Kb
BPC2004/08: Inspection of Modular Bridge Expansion Joints and Control of Noise 41.2Kb
BPC2003/08: Bridge Screens 17.01Kb
BPC2003/07: Bridge Maintenance Piling Works 166Kb
BPC2003/04: Use of Proprietary Expanded Metal Construction Joints and Shear Keys 103Kb
BPC2003/03: Bituminous Surfacing for Timber Bridge Decks 80.7Kb
BPC2003/02: Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks 318Kb
BPC2002/05: Bridge Concept 100Kb
BPC2002/03: Standard Connector - Thrie - Beam to Old Three Rail RHS Traffic Barrier 108Kb
BPC2002/02: Maximum Concrete Strengths for Use in Transport for NSW Works 72.9Kb
BPC2001/01: Replacement of Chief Bridge Engineers Circulars 109Kb
CBE2000/08: Bar Shapes and Steel Lists for Precast Concrete Members 51.8Kb
CBE2000/05: Compaction of Concrete in Solid and Non-Circular Bridge Columns 53.3Kb


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