Series A

The Standard (Traffic Signal) Drawings show standard details of components and construction techniques to be used in roadworks on Transport for NSW funded infrastructure or infrastructure that will become the property of Transport for NSW in the future. Standard Drawings are referenced in Transport for NSW Roadworks Specifications and may form part of tender documents for Roadworks Contracts let by Transport for NSW.


Drawing NumberDrawing NameRevisionDate
-All Appendix A series drawings--
VC001-4Cover sheet - construction only contracts drawingsIOct-98
VC001-8Typical excavation & installation of components for mid-block locationsGMay-16
VC001-9Typical intersection excavations & installations of component partsGMay-16
VC002-43Footing for Type 2 post and post-mounted controller with adjacent PJ Box and U/G Telecomms pitPMar-16
VC002-45Mechanical and installation details of Type 2 post where insufficient cover is availableGJun-17
VC002-59Footing for Type 7 and 8 postsEDec-17
VC002-65Footing for Type 10 and 11 postsEJun-15
VC002-66Footing for Type 13 push button post (with 200mm PCD)DDec-17
VC002-71Footing for Type 2 postCDec-17
VC002-72Footing for Type 5 and 9 mast arms and Type 6 postESep-16
VC002-73Footing for Ground-mounted controller housingESep-13
VC002-75Footing for Type 4 mast armBJun-15
VC002-76Footing for Ground-mounted small controller and CCTV housingsCSep-13
VC002-78Alternative footing for Type 13 PB post with exposed base plate on final surfaceBDec-17
VC002-82Method of installation of an adaptor stool to suit Type 7, 8 & 13 posts on an existing type 2 footingASep-17
VC005-17Method of installation of stop line detectorsQJun-17
VC005-18Method of installation of advance detectorsIAug-13
VC005-19Symmetripole type loop detector wiring guide for 4 possible entry positionsDAug-99
VC005-36Method of installation of bicycle stop line detectorsAJun-12
VC005-37Quadrupole type bicycle loop detector wiring guide for 4 possible entry positionsAJun-12
VC005-38Sample of bicycle stopline loop detector to suit bicycle lanes from 1.2m to 2.0m wideAJun-12
VC007-4General arrangement of pavement junction box pit (small, large, extra large type)NJun-15
VC007-5Large footpath cable junction pitJJun-15
VD001-5Traffic control signals standard positioning of components at intersectionsHJun-11
VD001-6Traffic control signals standard positioning of components at mid-block locationsGJun-11
VD001-7Orientation of pedestrian push-button arrow discsCNov-10
VD002-20Typical Design layouts for pedestrian actuated signalsEApr-10
VD002-21Typical pedestrian cable installationsGNov-10
VD002-22Typical Design layoutGApr-10
VD002-23Typical cable installationJJun-15
VD002-25 (Sheet 1)Traffic signal post top assembly - suggested terminal allocation - GeneralEAug-99
VD002-25 (Sheet 2)Traffic signal post top assembly - suggested terminal allocation - example for two phase sitesFNov-10
VD002-25 (Sheet 3)Traffic signal post top assembly - suggested terminal allocation - example 1 for three phase sitesFNov-10
VD002-25 (Sheet 4)Traffic signal post top assembly - suggested terminal allocation - example 2 for three phase sitesFNov-10
VD002-37Typical cable connection chartGMar-16
VD003-6 (Sheet 1)Symbols and abbreviationsFNov-10
VD003-6 (Sheet 2)Symbols and abbreviationsENov-10
VD003-6 (Sheet 3)Symbols and abbreviationsFNov-10
VD003-6 (Sheet 4)Symbols and abbreviationsDNov-10
VD003-6 (Sheet 5)Symbols and abbreviationsCSep-99
VD003-6 (Sheet 6)Symbols and abbreviationsCSep-99
VD003-6 (Sheet 7)Symbols and abbreviationsEAug-99
VD006-20Standard cable chart for pedestrian actuated mid-block signal locationsCMay-12
VE500-1General arrangement of consumer mains for overhead supplyTJul-16
VE500-11Installation of underground fuse box for traffic signalsGDec-14
VE530-7Post mounted audio-tactile driver unit chartDAug-99
VE530-8Method of installation of audio-tactile signal facilitiesEMar-13
VE535-1Connection diagram for fire/ambulance station signal control using 32V supplyOMay-18
VM015-16Assembly details of the terminal box, lanterns and push buttons on wooden polesSMar-16
VM015-18General arrangement of traffic signals on wooden polesDJan-95
VM200-27Assembly details for dual lanterns using lock washersBApr-99
VM200-28Assembly detail of lock washersAOct-96
VM202-8Traffic signal lantern and accessories assembly on standard Type 2 postIAug-13
VM202-12Installation details of traffic signal priority signEJun-11
VM203-13General arrangement of Type 4 mast armGDec-15
VM211-6 (Sheet 1)General arrangement of Type 5 mast armIMar-16
VM211-17Lower assembly details of terminal box and lanterns suitable for mast arms & Type 6 postEJun-99
VM211-20Minimum clearances from overhead power lines & communications cables for traffic signals & signsEDec-00
VM211-21Assembly details of upper lanterns to Type 5 mast armsEMay-13
VM211-26Assembly details of the Type 5XL, 5L and 5S mast arm (mechanical)EMar-13
VM212-2General arrangement of post Type 6 with sign mounting facilityBMar-16
VM215-1General arrangement Type 9 mast armBMar-16
VM417-3Method of jointing multi-core traffic signal cables (underground heat-shrink)HMay-12
VM417-4Method of protection for 2-core screened detector feeder cables (at pit end only)DMay-13
VM417-5Correct method of inserting lip blade crimp lugs in connection terminalsBOct-97
VM625-17Outline and arrangement for post-mounted housingsEApr-15
VR007-6Maximum allowable cable combination in pipes for traffic signal installationsFMay-10
VR007-7Table showing conduit and excess lead lengths for lanterns and audio-tactile housing on multifunction polesBMar-13
VR017-11Method of clamping conduits on post top assembliesAAug-95
VT006-60Assembly details for traffic signs using lock washersANov-98
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