R0800 Fencing Series

The Standard (Road) Drawings show standard details of components and construction techniques to be used in roadworks on Transport for NSW funded infrastructure or infrastructure that will become the property of Transport for NSW in the future. Standard Drawings are referenced in Transport for NSW Roadworks Specifications and may form part of tender documents for Roadworks Contracts let by Transport for NSW.

Please send comments, queries or suggestions about Standard Drawings to TechnologyStandards@transport.nsw.gov.au.


Drawing NumberDrawing NameRevisionDate
R0800R0800 Fencing Series  
R0800-01Rural Road Boundary Fencing - Typical Post Details-Jan-17
R0800-02Rural Road Boundary Fencing - Typical Fence Panel Details-Jan-17
R0800-03Rural Road Boundary Fencing - Typical Strainer Panel Detail and Barbed Wire Fastening Detail-Jan-17
R0800-04Rural Road Boundary Fencing - Gate Panel and Gate Fitting Details-Jan-17
R0800-05Rural Road Boundary Fencing - Post and Fencing Detail at Large Creek Crossings-Jan-17
R0800-06Rural Road Boundary Fencing - Treatments at Small Creek Crossings and Concave Change in Grade Sites-Jan-17
R0800-07Urban Controlled Access Road - Boundary Fencing (1.5m High)-Jan-17
R0800-08Urban Controlled Access Road - Boundary Fencing (1.8m High)-Jan-17
R0800-09Urban Controlled Access Road - Security Pipe and Chain-Link Boundary Fence-Jan-17
R0800-10Pedestrian Fence - General -Jan-17
R0800-11Pedestrian Fence - End Post with Concrete Footing-Jan-17
R0800-12Pedestrian Fence - End Post with Base Plate -Jan-17
R0800-13Pedestrian Fence - Intermediate Post with Concrete Footing-Jan-17
R0800-14Pedestrian Fence - Intermediate Post with Base Plate -Jan-17
R0800-15Pedestrian Fence - Type 1 - verge-Jan-17
R0800-16Pedestrian Fence - Type 1 - median-Jan-17
R0800-17Pedestrian Fence - Type 2 - verge-Jan-17
R0800-18Pedestrian Fence - Type 2 - median-Jan-17
R0800-19Pedestrian Fence - Type 3 - verge-Jan-17
R0800-20Pedestrian Fence - Type 3 - median-Jan-17
R0800-21Pedestrian Fence - Type 4 - verge-Jan-17
R0800-22Pedestrian Fence - Type 4 - median-Jan-17
R0800-23Pedestrian Fence - Type 5 - verge-Jan-17
R0800-24Pedestrian Fence - Type 5 - median-Jan-17
R0800-25Pedestrian Fence - Type 6 - verge-Jan-17
R0800-26Pedestrian Fence - Type 6 - median-Jan-17
R0800-27Pedestrian Fence - Intermediate Post Cap-Jan-17
R0800-28Pedestrian Fence - Embellishments-Jan-17
R0800-29Pipe Handrail Details-Jan-17
R0800-30Marsupial Proof Fencing with Gate Detail-Jan-17
R0800-31Fauna Exclusion Fence-Jan-17
R0800-32Stockrace Detail-Jan-17
R0800-33Paling Fence-Jan-17
R0800-34Temporary Pedestrian Safety Fence at Work Sites-Jan-17
R0800-35Heavyweight Welded Mesh Fence-Jan-17
R0800-36Wall Mounted Handrail Detail-Jan-17
R0800-37Holding Rail Details-Jan-17
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