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C2 GC21 - Roads and Maritime Services General Conditions of Contract 1.43Mb
C11-1 Invitation to Submit Registration of Interest - Major Roadworks and Bridgeworks Contracts (Construct Only) 487Kb
C11-2 Returnable Schedules for Invitation to Submit ROI - Major Roadworks and Bridgeworks (Construct Only) 421Kb
C12 Request for Tenders - Major Roadworks and Bridgeworks 517Kb
C14 Schedule of Estimated Quantities - Major Roadworks and Bridgeworks 108Kb
C17 Tender Forms - Major Roadworks and Bridgeworks 502Kb
C41 Minor Physical Works and Services - Terms for Contracted Work 714Kb
C61 Major Supply Agreement (Infrastructure) 616Kb
C62 Minor Supply Agreement 297Kb
C63 Minor Supply Agreement (Panel Contract) (Infrastructure) 389Kb
C65 Utility Works Contract 656Kb
C71 Professional Services Contract (Construction Industry) 883Kb
C72 Panel Deed for Professional Services (Construction Industry) 111Kb
C73 Request for Tender - (Construction Industry) 207Kb
C74 Request for Proposal (Construction Industry) 431Kb
C75 Request For Expressions of Interest (Construction Industry) 433Kb
C76 Professional Services Short Form Contract (Construction Industry) 394Kb
C91-1 Design and Construct Project Deed - Terms 1.57Mb
C91-2 Design and Construct project Deed - Schedules 1.85Mb
C92 Request for Tender 830Kb
C93 Design and Construct Registration of Interest 610Kb
Minor Physical Works and Services - Request for Tenders 516Kb
Minor Physical Works and Services - Contract Schedule for Project Contract 167Kb
Minor Physical Works And Services - Term Services Contract - Contract Schedule 66.2Kb
Minor Physical Works And Services - Work As Ordered Contract - Contract Schedule 201Kb
Minor Physical Works And Services - Tender Form 177Kb
Minor Physical Works And Services - Work as Ordered Contract - Conditions of Standing Offer 184Kb
Parent Company Guarantee 294Kb
Principal Arranged Insurance - (PAI Construction) Construction Risks - Material Damage - Annual Insurance Policy 432Kb
Principal Arranged Insurance - (PAI Construction) Public and Products Liability - Annual Insurance Policy 453Kb
Project Alliance Agreement 281Kb
Rules for the expert determination process and and code of conduct for an expert 48.02Kb
Small Works and Services: Terms of Contract for Small Works 369Kb
Small Works and Services: Contractors Offer 196Kb
Small Works and Services: Contract Details 173Kb


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