Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) specifications

TSI Specifications

Specification NumberDocument nameIssue date
TSI-SP-003Communications Protocol for Roadside DevicesJune 2017
TSI-SP-008Variable message signsJune 2021
TSI-SP-011Integrated speed limit and lane use signsJune 2021
TSI-SP-012General requirements for Roadside Equipment housingsJuly 2017
TSI-SP-016General requirements for outdoor electronic equipmentMarch 2017
TSI-SP-018ADSL routers for SCATS controllersMay 2018
TSI-SP-021Modems for dial-up SCATS communicationsSeptember 2018
TSI-SP-026Communications Protocol for Vehicle Detection SystemsJuly 2021
TSI-SP-033Standalone UPS for roadside devicesOctober 2019
TSI-SP-034Changeable Message Signs - PrismaticJanuary 2016
TSI-SP-036Motorist Emergency Telephone SystemMarch 2018
TSI-SP-038General requirements for vehicle loop detector equipmentJanuary 2014
TSI-SP-040Emergency TelephoneOctober 2018
TSI-SP-041Luminaires for road lightingFebruary 2021
TSI-SP-042Passive safety postsOctober 2015
TSI-SP-043Traffic signal postsOctober 2015
TSI-SP-044Accessible traffic signal postsJanuary 2016
TSI-SP-045Traffic signal lanternsJuly 2016
TSI-SP-046Cables for traffic signal installationsJuly 2016
TSI-SP-047Dynamic direction signsAugust 2020
TSI-SP-048Pedestrian push button and Audio-tactile facilityNovember 2018
TSI-SP-049Portable traffic signal systemsApril 2021
TSI-SP-051Electronic Message Sign Type EMS1August 2017
TSI-SP-054Traffic signal mast armsNovember 2017
TSI-SP-055Pit covers lids and framesJanuary 2019
TSI-SP-056Slot sealant for Vehicle detector loopsAugust 2017
TSI-SP-059Type 1 Portable Traffic SignalsOctober 2018
TSI-SP-060Illuminated flashing arrow signsSeptember 2017
TSI-SP-061Pole Mount and Underground Main FuseMay 2019
TSI-SP-062User manual requirement for ITS equipmentDecember 2016
TSI-SP-063Functional requirements for Conspicuity enhancement system for static signNovember 2018
TSI-SP-064Pedestrian countdown timersJanuary 2016
TSI-SP-065Luminaires for tunnel and underpass lightingJune 2020
TSI-SP-066Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)December 2019
TSI-SP-067Changeable Message Signs - ElectronicFebruary 2016
TSI-SP-069Control Equipment for Road Traffic SignalsSeptember 2018
TSI-SP-071ITS Equipment Communication Interface RequirementsSeptember 2018
TSI-SP-072Illuminated Traffic SignsMay 2019
TSI-SP-073Combined Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossing LanternAugust 2019
TSI-SP-074Traffic Signal Terminal BlockSeptember 2019
TSI-SP-076Communications protocol for vehicle loop detection systems

November 2022

TSI-SP-079Cable Jointing KitAugust 2019
TSI-SP-081Type 1 Portable Traffic Signals with Boom BarrierApril 2021
TSI-SP-082Portable Variable Speed Limit SignJanuary 2021
TSI-SP-083School zone alert signsJune 2021
TSI-SP-084Communications Protocol for School Zone Alert SystemJune 2021

TSI Specifications available upon request

The following specifications are available on request from:

Specification NumberDocument nameIssue date
TSI-SP-007Personality Card for Traffic Signal Controllers


TSI-SP-013Field Communications Network Interface Specification for Environmental Sensor Systems2005
TSI-SP-022General Performance Requirements for SCATS Communications using IP-Based Technologies2006
TSI-SP-032Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Travel Time Signs2001
TSI-SP-077Facility Key For Traffic Controller Housing2019

TSI Guidelines

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