Traffic and transport

These documents are Transport for NSW Complementary documents to the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management and the Australian Standards AS1742, 1743 & 2890.

Note: All Transport for NSW traffic related documents which were current on 1 November 2011 will still apply until they have either been replaced by a Transport for NSW document or superseded. Electronic copies of the documents listed are available for viewing, downloading or printing.


Guides and manuals

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File Title Size
Bike Plan - How to prepare (RMS 12.595) 3.74Mb
Buses Route Assessment for 14.5m Buses Version 2.0 (RTA Pub TTT-044) 2.32Mb
Curve advisory speed assessment practice in NSW 184Kb
Cyclist Safety at Light Rail Intersections 1.82Mb
Delegation to Councils for the Regulation of Traffic (including the operation of Traffic Committees), A Guide to the - Version 1.3 (RTA Pub 06.358) 324Kb
Delineation 41.7Kb
Filming Projects - Guidelines for parking and road closures (RTA Pub 09.126) 333Kb
Guide Signposting 3.37Mb
Identifying and Implementing 40km/h Speed Limits in High Volume Pedestrian Areas (under review) 744Kb
Installation and Maintenance of Signs 2.69Mb
Instructions for the use of portable variable message signs 435Kb
Marking informal heavy vehicle stopping areas with green reflectors in NSW 339Kb
Pay Parking Guidelines 2.99Mb
Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan - how to prepare (RTA Pub 02.024) 905Kb
Pedestrian Crossing Guideline 1.2Mb
Permit Parking Guidelines Version 4.0 (RMS 16.117) 2.78Mb
Restricted Parking Areas Version 2.0 (RTA Pub 03.118) 752Kb
Service Signposting 2.55Mb
Signposting Country 2.43Mb
Signposting country - Appendix B – Intellectual Licence Property Deed 118Kb
Tourist Signposting Version 4 (RMS 12.029) 3.45Mb
Tourist Signposting in NSW - fact sheet 114Kb
Traffic Control at Work Sites 724b
Traffic Modelling Guidelines (RMS 13.184) 9.55Mb
Traffic Signal Design 44.04Kb
Traffic Signal Operation Specifications 40.3Kb
Traffic Signal Operation (RTA-TC-106) 278Kb


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