Requirements and technical documents regarding pavement materials, structure and methods.

Document ReferenceReferenceReference Type
 Pavement technology - supplement to Austroads guidesSupplement to Austroads Guide
 Sprayed sealing guide and formsGuides and manuals
RMS 13.371Guide for design of concrete pavements in areas of settlementGuideline
RMS 19.1353Concrete Roundabout PavementsGuideline
TS 06306.3:1.0Low Noise Diamond Grinding (LNDG) of Concrete PavementGuideline
P-G-001Technical Guide - Standard Pavement Subsurface Drainage DetailsGuideline
P-G-003Technical Guide - Grinding Concrete PavementsGuideline
P-G-007Technical Guide - Guidelines on how to use the surface texture depth results in seal designGuideline
P-G-008Technical Guide - Design of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement using Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Bars at Traffic Loop LocationsGuideline
PTD 2019/002Short term treatment for sprayed seal distress due to extreme hot weatherTechnical Direction
PTD 2019/001Treatments for bleeding sealsTechnical Direction
PTD 2017/002Implementation of Revised Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2 - Pavement Structural DesignTechnical Direction
PTD 2015/001Foamed bitumen stabilisationTechnical Direction
PTD 2013/004Selection of surface treatments to improve skid resistanceTechnical Direction
TD 2005/07Design of Geotextile Seals and ResealsTechnical Direction
 QA roadworks specifications - PavementSpecifications
 QA materials specificationsSpecifications
 Design and construct materials specificationsSpecifications
IC-QA-M211M211 Crack Sealing (Bituminous Surface)Specification
IC-QA-M212M212 Routing and Sealing of Cracks (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M213M213 Cross Stitching of Cracks and Joints (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M214M214 Repair of Joint Seals in Concrete PavementSpecification
IC-QA-M215M215 Repair of Surface Spalls in Concrete PavementSpecification
IC-QA-M220M220 Formation grading of unsealed roadsSpecification
IC-QA-M250M250 Heavy Patching (Flexible Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M258M258 Slab Replacement (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M290M290 Pavement Reconstruction (Bound and Unbound Material)Specification
IC-QA-N3252Guide To The Selection of Polymer Modified BinderSpecification guide
IC-QA-NR82NR82 Guide To QA Specification R82 - Lean-Mix Concrete SubbaseSpecification guide
IC-QA-NR83NR83 Guide To QA Specifications R83 And R84 - Concrete baseSpecification guide
IC-QA-NR106NR106 Guide to QA Specification R106 - Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (With Cutback Bitumen)Specification guide
N/ANR106 Sprayed Sealing Aggregates submissionSpecification submission
IC-QA-NR107NR107 Guide to QA Specification R107 - Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (With Polymer Modified Bitumen)Specification guide
IC-QA-NR44NR44 Guide to Transport for NSW QA Specification R44Specification guide
P.U.R116R116 Dense Graded Heavy Duty Asphalt mix submissionSpecification submission
P.U.R118R118 Crumb Rubber Asphalt mix submissionSpecification submission
P.U.R119R119 Open Graded Asphalt mix submissionSpecification submission
P.U.R121R121 Stone Mastic Asphalt mix submissionSpecification submission
 Standard drawings - PavementStandard drawings
N/AAsphalt registerApproved products and materials
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