Construction-specific and multi-disciplinary requirements and directions for construction project delivery of Transport for NSW assets and infrastructure.

Document ReferenceReferenceReference Type
21.012Separate Yourself Procedure
21.014Guide to delineation and signage for Separate YourselfGuide
 Supplement to Austroads Guide to Project deliverySupplements to Austroads Guide
RTA/Pub.11.066Supplement to Austroads Guide to Project EvaluationSupplements to Austroads Guide
 QA bridgeworks specificationsSpecifications
 QA roadworks specificationsSpecifications
 QA traffic systems specificationsSpecifications
 QA materials specificationsSpecifications
 Design and construct bridge specificationsSpecifications
 Design and construct roadworks specifications - drainageSpecifications
 Design and construct roadworks specfications - sub-surface drainageSpecifications
 Design and construct materials specificationsSpecifications
IC-DC-G10DC G10 Traffic ManagementSpecification
IC-DC-G36DC G36 Environmental protection (Management System)Specification
IC-DC-G38DC G38 Soil And Water ManagementSpecification
IC-DC-G40DC G40 Clearing and grubbingSpecification
IC-DC-G71DC G71 Construction surveysSpecification
IC-DC-TS901DC TS901 OMCS Overview and General RequirementsSpecification
IC-DC-TS916DC TS916 OMCS Requirements - Electronic Toll Collections Systems (ETCS)Specification
IC-DC-TS917DC TS917 C2C Interface requirement for motorwaysSpecification
IC-QA-B80Guide to QA Specification B80 - Concrete work for bridgesSpecification
IC-QA-G10G10 Traffic ManagementSpecification
IC-QA-G10MG10M Traffic Management (Maintenance works)Specification
IC-QA-G36G36 Environmental ProtectionSpecification
IC-QA-G38G38 Soil and Water Management (Soil and Water Management Plan)Specification
IC-QA-G40G40 Clearing and GrubbingSpecification
IC-QA-G71G71 Construction SurveysSpecification
IM-QA-M208M208 Road openings and restoration (Low risk)Specification
IC-QA-M209M209 Road Openings and RestorationSpecification
IC-QA-M211M211 Crack Sealing (Bituminous Surface)Specification
IC-QA-M212M212 Routing and Sealing of Cracks (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M213M213 Cross Stitching of Cracks and Joints (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M214M214 Repair of Joint Seals in Concrete PavementSpecification
IC-QA-M215M215 Repair of Surface Spalls in Concrete PavementSpecification
IC-QA-M220M220 Formation grading of unsealed roadsSpecification
IC-QA-M231M231 Pressure Grouting for Slab Jacking / StabilisationSpecification
IC-QA-M232M232 Injected Expanding Foam Slab Jacking / StabilisationSpecification
IC-QA-M240M240 Shoulder gradingSpecification
IC-QA-M250M250 Heavy Patching (Flexible Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M258M258 Slab Replacement (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M290M290 Pavement Reconstruction (Bound and Unbound Material)Specification
IC-QA-M3M3 Routine ServicesSpecification
IC-QA-M620M620 Maintenance of road safety barrier systemsSpecification
IC-QA-M752M752 Timber Truss Repairs - Temporary Support and Minor DesignSpecification
IC-QA-M772M772 Concrete Bridge Repairs - InvestigationSpecification
IC-QA-M773M773 Concrete Bridge Repairs - DesignSpecification
IC-QA-M782M782 Bridge Bearing Repairs - DesignSpecification
IC-QA-M783M783 Bridge Bearing Repairs - Construction Specification
IC-QA-M787M787 Bridge Deck Joint Repairs - Design Specification
IC-QA-M788M788 Bridge Deck Joint Repairs - ConstructionSpecification
IC-QA-NG36NG36 Guide To QA Specification G36 Environmental ProtectionSpecification
IC-QA-NG71NG71 Guide to Construction SurveysSpecification
IC-QA-N3252Guide To The Selection of Polymer Modified BinderSpecification
IC-QA-NR82NR82 Guide To QA Specification R82 - Lean-Mix Concrete SubbaseSpecification
IC-QA-NR83NR83 Guide To QA Specifications R83 And R84 - Concrete baseSpecification
IC-QA-NR106NR106 Guide to QA Specification R106 - Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (With Cutback Bitumen)Specification
IC-QA-NR107NR107 Guide to QA Specification R107 - Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (With Polymer Modified Bitumen)Specification
IC-QA-NR44NR44 Guide to Transport for NSW QA Specification R44Specification
RNIC-QA-M321M321 Landscape MaintenanceSpecification
RNIC-QA-M322M322 Landscape RestorationSpecification
RNIC-QA-M430M430 Ferry OperationSpecification
RNIM-QA-M757M757 Timber Truss Repairs - ConstructionSpecification
 Test MethodsTest Methods
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