Asset Management

Requirements and knowledge relating to the life cycle management of network assets.

Document ReferenceDocument NameDocument Type
RTA/Pub.11.166Austroads guide to asset managementSupplement to Austroads Guide
AMP-TD 2014/002Improving First Coat Painted Markings on Sprayed Seal Pavements in Rural AreasTechnical Direction
IM-QA-M208M208 Road openings and restoration (Low risk)Specification
IC-QA-M209M209 Road Openings and RestorationSpecification
IC-QA-M211M211 Crack Sealing (Bituminous Surface)Specification
IC-QA-M212M212 Routing and Sealing of Cracks (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M213M213 Cross Stitching of Cracks and Joints (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M214M214 Repair of Joint Seals in Concrete PavementSpecification
IC-QA-M215M215 Repair of Surface Spalls in Concrete PavementSpecification
IC-QA-M220M220 Formation grading of unsealed roadsSpecification
IC-QA-M231M231 Pressure Grouting for Slab Jacking / StabilisationSpecification
IC-QA-M232M232 Injected Expanding Foam Slab Jacking / StabilisationSpecification
IC-QA-M240M240 Shoulder gradingSpecification
IC-QA-M250M250 Heavy Patching (Flexible Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M258M258 Slab Replacement (Concrete Pavement)Specification
IC-QA-M290M290 Pavement Reconstruction (Bound and Unbound Material)Specification
IC-QA-M3M3 Routine ServicesSpecification
RNIC-QA-M321M321 Landscape MaintenanceSpecification
RNIC-QA-M322M322 Landscape RestorationSpecification
RNIC-QA-M430M430 Ferry OperationSpecification
IC-QA-M620M620 Maintenance of road safety barrier systemsSpecification
 RMAP Routine - 2016-2017 Version 8 
 RMCC - Work Order / Work Proposal/ Pricing Request Sheet 
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