Comprehensive Technical Services Panel

The Comprehensive Technical Services Panel has been established to facilitate the delivery of multi-disciplinary services on significant and complex road infrastructure projects that require a combination of geotechnical, environment, road and bridge design services.

The Comprehensive Technical Services Panel provides a similar service scope to the now expired 2014 Roads and Maritime Services Design Consulting Services Panel.

Panel Term

The Comprehensive Technical Services Panel was established in October 2019. The initial panel term is two years, with an option to extend for 12 months. Additional entrants will be considered after one year of the panel term and Registration of Interest will be by open invitation through NSW Government eTendering website.


The members of the Comprehensive Technical Services Panel are listed below.

Company nameABN
AECOM Australia Pty Ltd20 093 846 925
Arcadis Australia Pacific Pty Ltd76 104 485 289
Arup Australia Pty Ltd76 625 912 665
Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd54 005 139 873
Better Konnected33 511 277 670
Cardno (NSW/ACT) Pty Ltd95 001 145 035
GHD Pty Ltd39 008 488 373
Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd37 001 024 095
MRB Technical Services64 225 585 166
SMEC Australia Pty Ltd47 065 475 149
WSP Australia Pty Limited80 078 004 798

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