Safety Barrier Products (Truck or Trailer Mounted Attenuators)

All road safety barrier products must be accepted by Roads and Maritime Services for use on the New South Wales classified road network.

Test Levels

LevelMASH - Designed ContainmentNCHRP 350 – Designed Containment
TL51,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100 km/h
36,000 kg at 80 km/h

820 kg at 100 km/h & 2,000 kg at 100 km/h
36,000 kg at 80 km/h

TL41,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100km/h
10,000 kg at 90 km/h
820 kg at 100 km/h & 2,000 kg at 100km/h
8,000 kg at 80 km/h
TL31,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100km/h820 kg at 100 km/h & 2,000 kg at 100km/h
TL21,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 70km/h820 kg at 70 km/h & 2,000 kg at 70km/h
TL11,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 50km/h820 kg at 50 km/h & 2,000 kg at 50km/h

The products in this list have been assessed and accepted by Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) in accordance with AS/NZS 3845.2:2017. Products listed here have only been assessed in accordance with AS/NZS3845.2:2017, and there are other approvals that are required elsewhere in the organisation or in other external agencies prior to use. In other words, a product listed here is not approved for use, but approved for its assessment in accordance with AS/NZS3845.2:2017 only. In summary, among other things, AS/NZS3845.2:2017 primarily only assesses a products suitability from a crashworthiness perspective. Any other aspects of a product are not specifically reviewed by ASBAP.

Important Notes:

  1. Operators are advised that over time, the list below will be populated as more products are submitted to ASBAP and assessed by ASBAP. Operators are recommended to be cognisant that the ASBAP assessment process may take considerable time, and they should continue with ‘business as usual’ arrangements.
  2. Products not listed below may still be operationally acceptable under existing or future arrangements.
  3. It is NOT the intention of the list below to imply that other products are not acceptable for use by Roads and Maritime Services and cannot be used operationally by Roads and Maritime at this time.
  4. Operators are recommended to select devices which are fit for purpose to their total requirements. Crashworthiness is just one aspect to consider.
MASH Tested Products - Accepted Test Level
MASH Scorpion II TL3 Trailer Attenuator (PDF, 166Kb) TL3
SCORPION II MASH Truck Mounted Attenuator (PDF, 145Kb) TL3
SS180M TMA (PDF, 173Kb) TL3
TTMA-200 Trailer Mounted (PDF, 70.2Kb) TL3
VERDEGRO BLADE Truck Mounted Attenuator (PDF, 153Kb) TL3
MASH Scoprion II TL-2 TMA (PDF, 173Kb) TL2
NCHRP 350 Tested Products - Accepted Test Level
JL-D-0850 Stuer-Egghe “Julietta” Truck Mounted Attenuator (PDF, 139Kb) TL3
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