Safety Barrier Products (Permanent)

All road safety barrier products must be accepted by Roads and Maritime Services for use on the New South Wales classified road network.

Test Levels

LevelMASH - Designed Containment
TL51,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100 km/h
36,000 kg at 80 km/h
TL41,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100km/h
10,000 kg at 90 km/h
TL31,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100km/h
TL21,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 70km/h
TL11,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 50km/h
MASH Tested Products - Accepted Test Level
TYPE F Concrete Safety Barrier (PDF, 149Kb) TL5
EZY-GUARD High Containment Steel Rail Safety Barrier (PDF, 177Kb) TL4
RAMSHIELD High Containment Safety Barrier (PDF, 188Kb) TL4
SAFETY ROLLER Steel Rail Safety Barrier (PDF, 341Kb) TL4
SafeZone LDS Safety Barrier (PDF, 71Kb) TL4
SafeZone Safety Barrier (PDF, 71Kb) TL4
Sentryline-M Wire Rope Safety Barrier (PDF, 130Kb) TL4
SENTRY Thrie-Beam Safety Barrier (PDF, 78Kb) TL4
BG800 MDS Steel Safety Barrier (PDF, 201Kb) TL3
BG800 Steel Safety Barrier (PDF, 239Kb) TL3
EZY-GUARD Steel Rail Safety Barrier (PDF, 152Kb) TL3
HighwayGuard LDS Steel Safety Barrier (PDF, 89.9Kb) TL3
MashFlex Wire Rope Barrier System (PDF, 133Kb) TL3
MASH TL3 Brifen Wire Rope Barrier System (PDF, 195Kb) TL3
QUICKCHANGE Concrete Reactive Tension Barrier System (PDF, 74.6Kb) TL3
RAMSHIELD Steel Safety Barrier (PDF, 185Kb) TL3
SENTRY W BEAM Safety Barrier (PDF, 175Kb) TL3
NCHRP 350 Tested Products - Conditionally Accepted Test Level
NSW Transition to Rigid Concrete (PDF, 59Kb) TL3
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