Stormwater drainage products (Flexible Pipes) assessed as suitable for use on classified roads in NSW

Products listed below have been assessed and pre-qualified as meeting Transport for NSW Specification R23 Plastic Flexible Pipes and relevant Australian Standards, and are considered suitable for use on the classified road network.

- Installation design and construction must still be undertaken in accordance with relevant specifications and standards to determine project specific suitability.

Note: TfNSW currently restricts the use of flexible pipe under the following conditions:

Plastic flexible pipes may be used directly under road pavement structure:

  • Where:
    • the pavement is an unbound granular pavement with thin bituminous surfacing not more than 50 mm thickness;
    • a minimum 750 mm of cover or 1.5 times the pipe diameter, whichever is greater is provided over the pipe to the road surface at any point under the road pavement and shoulders; and
    • the pipe is a single pipe installation unless backfill in the Embedment Zone is stabilised with a minimum 4% cementitious binder and pipes are separated by a minimum two and one half pipe diameters;
  • when approved by the Principal.

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