Stormwater drainage products

Products listed below have been assessed as meeting the required Roads and Maritime Specifications and are considered suitable for use on the classified road network. Design, manufacture and installation must still be undertaken in accordance with the relevant Specification and Australian Standards to determine project specific suitability.

Products not listed below may still be acceptable to Roads and Maritime, but should be assessed by the individual Roads and Maritime project team for suitability. It is not the intention of the list to imply that other products are not acceptable.

The drainage product list should be read in conjunction with relevant Australian Standards, Roads and Maritime Specifications and the Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 5, 5A, 5B: Drainage - General and Hydrology Considerations, Road Surface, Networks, Basins and Subsurface, Open Channels, Culverts and Floodways.

Stormwater drainage products

Roads and Maritime does not warrant or endorse the suitability of any products for other users.

Enquiries relating to drainage products can be sent via email to:


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