Motor dealers

The relationship between Roads and Maritime Services and participants is important. Together, we can help make the registration process easier for participants, Roads and Maritime, and the car-buying public.

Dealer Vehicle Registration Scheme (DVRS)

The DVRS authorises participants to perform certain registration transactions on behalf of their customers. This improves the overall customer experience, as registration can be organised at the time of the sale so the participant does not need to attend a registry or service centre to complete the process.

Under the Dealer Vehicle Registration scheme (DVRS), Roads and Maritime authorises pariticpants to perform the registration related services referred to in Clause 3 and Schedule 6 of the Agreement.

Participants are required to be either:

  • Dealers situated within NSW or within 50km of the NSW border, engaged in the sale, distribution and management of new vehicles or second-hand vehicles (or both), and who hold a NSW Dealer Licence or interstate equivalent, or
  • NSW based manufacturers or retailers of new trailers weighing less than 250kg, or
  • NSW based entities who are engaged in the distribution or management of new motor vehicles.

The Motor Dealer’s Guide provides detailed information on the procedures for participants to follow. It’s also an effective training aid for new staff.

Please contact your registry or service centre if you’re interested in applying for authorisation under the DVRS.

Dealer Online (DOL)

DOL is an online system that allows accredited motor dealer staff to perform registration transactions for the dealership and for customers, without attending a registry or Service NSW service centre.

Transactions available through DOL include:

  • Establishing registration for new and second-hand vehicles
  • Lodging a Notice of Disposal
  • Transferring registration
  • Renewing registration
  • Exchanging number plates.

To access DOL, you must be accredited under the DVRS.

If you’re interested in using DOL, please contact your local registry or Service NSW service centre. Once your application is approved, Roads and Maritime will provide comprehensive system training for your staff. This will include:

Trader’s plates

Trader’s plates are issued to motor dealers to allow them to drive unregistered vehicles for demonstration purposes, or move vehicles from one dealership or repair shop to another.

Trader's plate fees

(effective 1 July 2019)

Item Fee
Motor vehicle trader's plate (exc motorcycle) - annual $450
Motor vehicle trader's plate (exc motorcycle) - monthly $39
Trailer trader's plate - annual $450
Trailer trader's plate - monthly $39
Motorcycle trader's plate - annual $109
Motorcycle trader's plate - monthly $10
Replacement trader's plate (all types) $47
Trader's plate application $51
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