Intelligent Access Program (IAP)

IAP provides restricted access and over dimension/mass vehicles with improved access to NSW's road network. In return, their compliance with approved access conditions is monitored using satellite-based tracking technology. This provides Transport for NSW and the community with greater assurance that the right heavy vehicles are operating on the right roads.

About the IAP

IAP is a certified intelligent transport system recognised in law and developed in partnership between all Australian road agencies.

An in-vehicle unit is installed in an IAP enrolled vehicle by a certified IAP Service Provider. The in-vehicle unit automatically records the date, time, and position of the heavy vehicle and self declarations made via a self declaration input device attached to the in-vehicle unit. Only records of the vehicle's non-compliance with the intelligent access conditions for the vehicle combination and its associated self declarations are sent to Transport for NSW. Information about any non compliant travel within NSW may form the basis of an investigation by Transport for NSW.

An On Board Mass (OBM) system approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) can be linked to the IAP in-vehicle unit to monitor all the axle groups in the vehicle combination and provide the mass readings of these axle groups to the IAP system.

Vehicles requiring IAP

The IAP is a road access condition in NSW for:

Operators seeking to operate the above vehicles must enrol in the IAP in NSW with Transport for NSW and where applicable apply for the appropriate access permit from the NHVR to travel in NSW.

Enrol in the IAP

Where IAP is a road access condition in NSW, the vehicle must have a current NSW IAP Certificate of Enrolment showing the vehicle type of operation enrolled in the IAP. All vehicles operating under Intelligent Access Program (IAP) require a certificate of enrolment to be carried physically or electronically in the vehicle.

Please note: If the vehicle is already enrolled in the IAP in another jurisdiction, the vehicle will still be required to separately enrol in the IAP with Transport for NSW for travel in NSW.

Operators must follow the steps below to enrol vehicle in the IAP with Transport for NSW:

  1. For eligible road freight transport vehicles and high risk mobile cranes enrol via Transport for NSW online services:
    • Online enrolment is not available for HML modern road trains and GML modular B-triples operating east of the Newell Highway, HML modular B-triples and PBS combinations. Enrol these vehicles in the IAP by completing and lodging the IAP enrolment form.
  2. Transport for NSW will send an interim Intelligent Access Condition (IAC) to the email address you have provided once your IAP application has been received and assessed.
    • The interim IAC contains details of your selected IAP application.
  3. Select a certified IAP service provider and provide them with your interim IAC. The certified IAP service provider will install the IAP equipment in your vehicle.
    • Only IAP or IAP OBM service providers certified by TCA can provide IAP services or IAP OBM services.
  4. Your chosen certified IAP service provider will inform Transport for NSW once the IAP equipment has been installed and Transport for NSW will send the approved IAC to your chosen IAP service provider for monitoring of your vehicle.
  5. Transport for NSW will send a NSW IAP Certificate of Enrolment to the email address you have provided once the IAC has been approved.
    • Your vehicle will now be enrolled in the IAP.
  6. If your vehicle type enrolled in the IAP can operate in NSW under a current Class 1 Notice (National or NSW) or current NSW HML Declaration, an access permit will not be required. If your vehicle type enrolled in the IAP requires an access permit to operate in NSW, please apply for an access permit from the NHVR.

All enrolments in the IAP are processed free of charge.

IAP network access

A number of network maps and/or lists of approved roads are available for vehicles enrolled in the IAP in NSW:

  • IAP maps and approved roads lists provide details on the roads approved in NSW for:
    • HML short combinations
    • HML B-doubles
    • HML Type 1 A-double road trains (including HML modern road trains)
    • GML modular B-triples on and east of the Newell Highway
    • HML modular B-triples
    • GML and HML B-triples
    • GML and HML AB-triples
    • High risk mobile cranes.
  • NSW Livestock Loading Scheme (NSWLLS) maps provide details on the roads and zones approved in NSW for HML B-triples and AB-triples under the NSWLLS carrying livestock loads.

Applying for access permit

An access permit is required for high risk mobile cranes that cannot operate under the current:

Apply for an access permit from the NHVR who will coordinate access permit applications by liaising directly with road managers and issuing permits when access is granted.

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