Heavy Vehicle Operator Safety Information Program (HVOSIP)

The Heavy Vehicle Operator Safety Information Program (HVOSIP) is an online platform where regulatory information is shared between heavy vehicle drivers, registered operators and organisations that have legal obligations (such as the Chain of Responsibility) under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Under section 53 of the Road Transport Act 2013, a driver must be licensed and operators “must not employ or permit any person not so licensed to drive a motor vehicle on any road.”

Multiple Driver Licence and Demerit Point Check

The Multiple Driver Licence and Demerit Point Check was developed as part of HVOSIP for heavy vehicle operators and drivers to:

  • Improve road safety and good driving behaviour
  • Allow driver licence and demerit point information to be shared with operators to ensure drivers are properly licensed and safe to drive a heavy vehicle
  • Help share information between employers and The Multiple Driver Licence and Demerit Point Check allows heavy vehicle operators to view their drivers’ demerit points and whether good behaviour conditions have been applied to the licence.

Heavy vehicle drivers can voluntarily provide their consent to operators for 12 months or until employment ends if less than 12 months. Drivers must sign the updated Driver Consent Form (released 8 September 2022) for their employing operator to view the demerit point and good behaviour features. Operators must only run an enquiry after a driver has provided a signed copy of the updated Driver Consent Form.

To become an approved HVOSIP user, an applicant must:

  • Employ NSW licensed heavy vehicle drivers (e.g. drive a heavy vehicle in the transport of goods or require a heavy vehicle licence as part of their employment e.g. mechanic).
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

Operators (and their approved users) can run a check on up to 1000 drivers at a time. The status of the driver licence and the demerit points will be displayed for each driver upon successful completion of each check.

Checks will be done in 'real time' and information will be presented in order of importance starting with those who have been disqualified or nearing their demerit point limit. Heavy vehicle operators will be able to easily see which records have changed since their last enquiry and what the most critical results are. Driver consent expiry can also be managed within the system.

Information about licence and demerit points is available through Service NSW service centres or a driver may request a copy of their Driving Record online.




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