Mass enforcement on local roads

The legal framework for allowing all local councils to nominate enforcement officers for authorisation under the Heavy Vehicle National Law is now in place. At 1 July 2015, 47 enforcement officers have been authorised to enforce mass requirements across 11 councils in New South Wales. In addition there are 7 councils who are part of the Weight of Loads Groups (WOLG) and 17 of their officers are authorised to undertake mass enforcement in these WOLGs.

Operators and drivers should be aware of the possibility of road side inspections when they travel on local roads and consult the website of the councils where they do most of their travelling for more information.

Material is available to support councils with the nomination of officers, the authorisation process and online training required.

Fact Sheet 1 - Heavy Vehicle Mass Enforcement - Local council roads

1 July 2015

Fact Sheet 2 - Heavy Vehicle Mass Enforcement - Information for Local Council General Managers

1 July 2015

Fact Sheet 3 - Heavy Vehicle Mass Enforcement - Information for team leaders and officers

1 July 2015

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