Loads and height restrictions (Mass, dimension and loading)

Safe loading of vehicles and restraint of loads are important in preventing injury to people and damage to property.

A load on a heavy vehicle must:

  • not be placed in a way that makes the vehicle unstable or unsafe
  • be secured so it is unlikely to fall or be dislodged
  • be restrained using an appropriate restraint method
  • be placed, secured or restrained in a way that meets the loading performance standards listed in Schedule 7 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation.

The Load Restraint Guide 2018 provides drivers, owners, operators, freight consigners, vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers with the basic safety principles that should be followed when designing a load restraint system to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of loads.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has created the following fact sheets to explain the requirements under the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension & Loading) National Regulation:

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