NSW heavy vehicle compliance is managed by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) on behalf of the NSW Government and Transport for NSW (Transport).

For more information on the NHVR’s heavy vehicle compliance activities, see the NHVR’s on-road compliance and enforcement web page.

Some of the compliance activities that are managed by the NHVR include:

Chain of Responsibility

All parties in the road transport supply chain have specific obligations under the heavy vehicle national law to prevent a breach. It is called the Chain of Responsibility and it requires every responsible person in the supply chain to take positive steps to prevent mass, load restraint, dimension, and fatigue and speed offences.

For information on the Chain of Responsibility, see the NHVR’s Chain of Responsibility webpage.

Loads and height restrictions (mass, dimension and loading)

Safe loading of vehicles and restraint of loads are important to prevent injury to people and damage to property.

For information on loads and height restrictions, see the NHVR’s mass, dimension and loading webpage.

Inspections and checks

The NHVR performs random and targeted intercepts and inspections as part of on-road enforcement action, Heavy Vehicle Safety Station (HVSS) inspections, heavy vehicle registration inspections and operator investigations.

For more information, see the NHVR’s enforcement roles and activities webpage.

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