Impacts to NSW State roads from natural disasters

During natural disasters key freight routes along State roads can be closed for extended durations.

Current road closure information

When roads are closed, Transport for NSW needs to assess the overall impact of natural disasters on our assets and complete safety reviews and inspections.

Our focus is always to prioritise safety for all customers, effectively assess the damage and re-open the roads that will keep people and freight moving.

For all real time traffic and route information updates, please visit LiveTraffic.

Transport for NSW encourages all freight operators to check the Restricted Access Vehicle interactive map to determine appropriate alternative routes for their combination.

Please visit the State Emergency Service (SES) website for all current evacuation orders that are still in place.

The current State road closures associated with natural disasters are listed below, with information on damage and safety assessments. This page is updated as required, but please consult live traffic as well to plan your route on the day of travel.

Information is correct as of 4pm on 2 December 2022.

North and North West

  • The Kamilaroi Highway is closed between Walgett, Brewarrina and Bourke.
  • The Mitchell Highway is closed between Bourke and Byrock.
  • In Bourke, Kidman Way (Gorrell Avenue) is closed between Louth Road and Mitchell Highway.
  • The Cobb Highway is closed between Booligal and Mossgiel, south of Ivanhoe.

Central West

  • Kidman Way is closed at Wallanthery.

Riverina and the South

  • The Newell Highway is closed between the Mid Western Highway at Back Creek and Wennings Road, south west of Forbes.
  • The Riverina Highway is closed near Coreen.

Detour maps and fact sheets

In addition to state managed roads, some local roads managed by councils may also be affected.

Please visit LiveTraffic for information on road closures and alternative routes on the day of your travel.

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