Impact of the April 2021 floods across New South Wales

Aerial view of flood damage

In April 2021, NSW experienced a once in a 100 year weather event causing floods across many regional and metropolitan areas.

Many major roads across the network were impacted and our crews have been working hard to open 29 of the 30 affected roads since the flood event.

Crews remain on the ground all over the state working hard to fix damage to the road network. While work is complete in some areas, and well underway in others, it's important to note some roads are much more complex to repair than others due to their location and those works will take additional time to complete.

While we work to restore these roads and rail lines back to their pre-flood conditions, plans have been put in place to re-open impacted roads to keep motorists and freight moving.

Jenolan Caves Road remains partially closed as the road sustained major damage during the flooding event and several major landslips occurred.

  • Open to a single lane between Hampton Road and Duckmaloi Road
  • Closed between Jenolan Caves House and Duckmaloi Road, also known as Five Mile.

More information and community updates on the four major impacted corridors is available here:

Jenolan Caves Road
Bells Line of Road
Oxley Highway
Waterfall Way

Please visit for information on road closures and alternative routes on the day of your travel.

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