Moving more with less - road freight through Coonabarabran

Road trains and higher productivity vehicles will soon be allowed access through Coonabarabran encouraging increased loads, and reduce the number of trucks on the Newell.

Updates and announcements

Access for road trains carrying hay in support of drought relief has been approved through Coonabarabran since August 2018 and following a review of heavy vehicle traffic on the Newell, road trains and higher productivity trucks carrying other loads will soon be able to access the Newell through Coonabarabran.

Coonabarabran currently has, on average, over 900 truck movements per day and the introduction of higher productivity vehicles will enable freight to be moved more efficiently, with fewer trucks travelling through town and on the roads.

The Newell Highway is one of Australia’s key road freight corridors linking Victoria, NSW and Queensland and is the key connector for many of the east west road corridors linking agricultural businesses and industry to export markets.

The aim of allowing road trains up to 36.5 metres on the Newell through Coonabarabran is so they can have end-to-end access on the Newell.

To learn more about how the NSW Government is reducing the impacts of trucks at Coonabarabran please read the Reduced truck impacts for Coonabarabran October fact sheet or watch the video:

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