Non-compliant heavy vehicles

All heavy vehicles are now subject to national legislation. If you need more information on heavy vehicle modifications, vehicle standards or exemptions for non-compliant vehicles, contact the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

Roads and Maritime is no longer responsible for approving heavy vehicle Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) exemptions to vehicle standards, but works closely with customers and the NHVR, as a service provider to the NHVR, to assist in the NHVR's process. These vehicles can be registered as per Clauses 62 and 63 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017.

Roads and Maritime retains responsibility for registration approval of non-compliant heavy vehicles in NSW. These include Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicles and vehicles designed to carry indivisible loads. It also includes dual steer for side loading garbage trucks and street sweepers, Rear Overhang (ROH) for rear loading compactor garbage truck and some other vehicles that carry out specialised functions. It does not include heavy vehicles that carry goods or agricultural vehicles.

To register a non-compliant SPV (eg oversized cranes, concrete pumps, pole borers etc, excluding goods carrying vehicles) you will need an NHVR Vehicle Standards Exemption Permit or Notice and a Roads and Maritime Certificate of Approved Operations, after your vehicle has been inspected by Roads and Maritime Services.

See Vehicle Standards Information sheet 46 (VSI 46) for information on how to register non-compliant heavy vehicles.

Note that heavy vehicle registration and access to the NSW road network are not related if the vehicle is overmass. Oversize/overmass (OSOM) vehicles can be restricted access vehicles that need an access Permit or Notice.

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