Federal Interstate Registration Scheme (FIRS)

The Federal Interstate Registration scheme (FIRS) has been closed to renewals and new registrations. The scheme will close completely on 1 July 2019.

All FIRS registrations or renewals finalised before 30 June 2018 remain valid until registration expiry or 30 June 2019 (whichever comes first).

Existing FIRS operators will need to apply for NSW registration when registration expires. You will not be charged stamp duty on this transaction. You or your representative will need to personally attend a Service NSW Centre to register the vehicle and surrender the FIRS number plates. The National Heavy Vehicle number plates will then be issued at no charge (please note this does not include custom and personalised myPlates). Current NSW registration fees will apply.

Existing FIRS operators will receive separate information from Transport for NSW to assist them with their transition to NSW registration.

The closure of FIRS coincides with changes to NSW heavy vehicle registration.

The information below applies to operators with current FIRS registrations only. If you want to establish heavy vehicle registration after 1 July 2018 you will need to apply for NSW registration.

Operating FIRS vehicles in NSW until FIRS closure on 30 June 2019

Vehicles registered under FIRS until 30 June 2019 are entitled to operate on NSW roads only if they are involved in the carriage of goods or passengers between Australian jurisdictions. This includes an intrastate component of the journey if it involves the carriage of goods which are sourced or destined for interstate.

FIRS vehicles may also be used for purposes that are ‘incidental’ to the carriage of goods or passengers between jurisdictions.

Incidental use may include an unladen journey between two places within a jurisdiction for the purpose of collecting the goods or passengers that will be transported to another jurisdiction.

For practical reasons, FIRS vehicles may also travel unladen between two places within a jurisdiction for servicing or inspecting the vehicle.

FIRS vehicles operated outside these guidelines are considered unregistered. Operating or causing or permitting the operation of unregistered heavy vehicles may result in penalties and/or demerit points. See unregistered vehicles for more information.

Fees and charges

FIRS vehicles are subject to national heavy vehicle registration charges and inspection fees.

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