• For loads over 4.3m high please view approved 4.6m high routes layer.
  • If operating over 4.6m high under Notice please use 4.6m high route layers and conduct a full scope of the route prior to travel.
  • If access is required over 4.6m on a route not currently approved as a 4.6m high route than scope the route thoroughly prior to travel and apply for a class 1 permit through the NHVR.

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You can print maps and map information that appears on the RMS Class 1 Oversize and/or Overmass Load Carrying Vehicles Network for Annual Permits Map.

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Network Disclaimer The NSW Oversize Overmass Load Carrying Vehicles Network map displays the legally enforceable network for eligible vehicles operating under the Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles Mass Exemption Notice and the Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles Dimension Exemption Notice.

The NSW Oversize Overmass Load Carrying Vehicles Network map, if listed as the approved route on an access permits, also provides the approved routes for TfNSW managed roads (i.e. State Roads) for load carrying vehicles. Please refer to the Notice or access permit, whichever is applicable, for conditions and requirements of travel. Roads that are not approved on the map require an access permit from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator or the relevant road manager.

OSOM Network

NSW Oversize Overmass Load Carrying Vehicles Network Approved Roads
Approved Routes with Travel Conditions
Exception Routes (not approved)
Limited Access Locations
Limited Access Zones
Restricted Structures - Bridges
Restricted Structures - Railway Level Crossings
Restricted Structures with Conditional Access - Railway Level Crossings
NSW Local Councils have approved additional OSOM access on their managed road network, the additional approved routes can be viewed here. These routes will be progressively added to the OSOM network.

NSW Zones

NSW Urban Zone
Newcastle Inner Zone
Newcastle Outer Zone

4.6m High Vehicles

Travel conditions exist on this route
Exception Routes (not approved)
Approved Areas
Approved Areas with Conditions

NSW Reference Layers

State Roads
Local Government Areas
Railway Level Crossings
Flood (Updated Hourly)