NSW Controlled Access Bus (CAB) Network map

The NSW CAB network map is an interactive map service that displays approved routes and denied routes for CABs operating under the National Class 3 Controlled Access Bus Exemption Notice 2019.

Approved and denied routes on the local and regional road network where previously shown on the list of Controlled Access Bus Approved Routes and Controlled Access Bus Denied Routes respectively.


Using the NSW CAB Network map

The NSW CAB Network map offer pan/zoom, different map views, location search and access to local street images.

Routes approved for different vehicle types are enabled by selecting the vehicle type using the radio buttons in the legend menu on the left-hand side.

Additional travel information may be available for selection from the legend menu on some of the interactive maps. Information about a particular route e.g. Travel Restrictions, is accessed by clicking on the route, which will launch an information box which provides detailed information.

By using the zoom and drag features included you are able to view and print maps at a level of detail and covering the area you need.

The search function allows you to centre the map on a geographic location based on an address, town, postcode or a set of coordinates.


The NSW CAB Network map shows approved routes and restrictions as an overlay on top of Google maps. Transport for NSW has no responsibility for, and does not guarantee the accuracy of, the underlying Google maps.

Transport for NSW strives to be accurate in showing the NSW CAB Network map approved routes, restrictions and conditions, however, there may be errors and omissions caused by Google maps being incorrect or out of date. Transport for NSW is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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