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The Heavy Vehicle Industry Liaison Officers are Roads and Maritime Services' dedicated representatives assisting industry operators and drivers to understand their compliance obligations.

Heavy Vehicle Industry Liaison Officers

The Industry Liaison Officers work to assist and support the transport industry, enabling the safe and efficient transportation of goods on NSW roads.

The Industry Liaison Officers are available to:

  • Respond to customer enquiries/issues over the phone or face-to-face
  • Visit customers
  • Educate industry on new initiatives
  • Provide advice at conferences and forums.

This promotes communication and information sharing on various heavy vehicle topics such as:

  • Fatigue management
  • Load restraint
  • Access to the NSW road network
  • Chain of responsibility
  • Compliance issues
  • Roadworthiness.

The Heavy Vehicle Industry Liaison Officer is:

Mr Ron Hozack

Mobile: 0467 797 071

Please feel free to contact Ron during office hours Monday-Friday.

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Useful contacts

Heavy vehicle customer service - 1300 364 847

  • Heavy Vehicle Inspection Station (HVIS) availability and bookings
  • Heavy vehicle registrations
  • Vehicle emissions management program enquiries
  • Safe-T-Cam operations
  • 3 strikes program.

Technical enquiries - 1300 137 302 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.22pm)

  • Light and heavy vehicle technical information
  • Road freight regulations
  • Heavy vehicle safety standards.


Heavy vehicle permits - 1300 656 371 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm)

  • Over mass and oversize permits
  • Permit investigations.

NSW truck rest area road map - 13 22 13 and dial 7

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