Fees charged by Transport for NSW for administering the various inspection and certification schemes.

Note: For the fees that examiners and inspectors may charge their customers, see:

Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS)

(effective 1 April 2021)

Note: Transport for NSW does not regulate the fees charged by VSCCS licensed certifiers. Licensed certifiers have their own fee structure, so you will need to discuss inspection, testing and certification costs with them.

Item Fee

Licence application fee

Charged for processing your application. Non-refundable.


Annual licence fee (VSCCS only)

Charged for processing your annual renewal (VSCCS).


Triennial licence fee (VSCCS J&P)

Charged for processing your triennial renewal (VSCCS J&P)


Category adjustment fee

Charged for processing a variation to licence conditions. Applies to any variation and is a flat fee.


Compliance certificate administration fee

Charged for administration of the online certificate system.


Principal Arranged Insurance premium if using insurance arranged by Transport for NSW


Principal Arranged Insurance run-off if using insurance arranged by Transport for NSW

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