Authorised Crane Inspection Scheme (ACIS)

Examiners authorised under ACIS are accredited to inspect SP2 cranes. These are truck-based or purpose-built mobile cranes with a gross vehicle mass exceeding 12 tonnes and overmass on one or more axles or axle groups.

The ACIS supplements the Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Station (HVAIS) scheme. It has a set of supplementary business rules that govern how an ACIS is to operate. Like the HVAIS scheme, it defines a set of key roles (Proprietor, Proprietor’s Nominee and Examiner) each requiring accreditation.

For most participants, ACIS accreditation is an add-on to their HVAIS accreditation.

Conducting crane inspections

ACIS examiners can conduct inspections at the crane's location as long as it meets the scheme's requirements for an inspection site as stated in the Business Rules.

This means that ACIS examiners who only conduct, and intend to conduct inspections on-site, won’t need to maintain an inspection station. Examiners are still required to comply with the scheme's Business Rules, including rules about compulsory equipment, and meet the scheme's training requirements.

Becoming an ACIS accredited examiner

Anyone with HVAIS accreditation as a Proprietor, Nominee or Examiner can apply for the corresponding ACIS accreditation. To apply, complete and submit the relevant application form: 

Transport for NSW will assess the application, notify the applicant of the result by mail and if successful, Transport for NSW will update the applicant’s accreditation details.

Note: The applicant is not an ACIS accredited examiner until Transport for NSW notify the applicant that their ACIS accreditation has been added to their AIS number.

There is no fee to add an ACIS accreditation to an existing HVAIS accreditation. 

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