Information for drivers and operators of buses and coaches that have 13 seats or MORE.

If your vehicles have fewer seats please see the Point to Point Transport Commission.

The Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Act 2016 (the Act) and Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2017 (the Regulation) provides the regulatory framework for passenger services undertaken in any vehicle with 12 seats or less (including the driver).

An operator or a small vehicle service operating under contract with Transport for NSW will continue until the release of the new Passenger Transport Regulation.

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Bus passengers

Digital Annual Self-Assessment Report

This Self-Assessment must be completed and signed by one of the following:

  • Accreditation held by an individual - The person whose name the accreditation is held in;
  • Accreditation held by a group or partnership - Any one of the people whose name the accreditation is held in;
  • Accreditation held by an incorporated association or corporation - A Designated Manager or Director (as nominated in the accreditation)

Submit your Annual Self-Assessment Report online

NSW Bus Industry Compliance - Industry snapshot

Transport for NSW regulates bus operators and drivers under the Passenger Transport Act 1990 and 2014 and also regulates buses and coaches as heavy vehicles under Road Transport legislation.

We publish regular reports summarising key statistics and trends on NSW buses and compliance programs for the information of the bus industry, decision makers and the community. You can view the NSW Bus Industry quarterly updates for more information.


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