Roads and Maritime Quality Regulatory Services Initiative

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) has requested NSW Government regulators implement an outcomes and risk based approach to regulation – The Quality Regulatory Services (QRS) Initiative. This request stems from the need for regulators to deliver more with less, including delivering better outcomes and minimising the burden on regulated entities.

Under the QRS initiative, regulators must:

  • Review compliance and enforcement in line with guidance material prepared by DPC
  • Publish a policy consistent with the guidance outlining how they will apply a risk based approach to compliance and enforcement
  • Clearly define regulatory outcomes, ensuring alignment with objectives of all legislation administered, and
  • Commence reporting against the policy and regulatory outcomes.

After December 2014, Roads and Maritime will develop a program of work to supplement and operationalise the Quality Regulatory Services Policy. Progress will be reported in annual reporting.

View or download the Roads and Maritime Quality Regulatory Services Policy.

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