Land and property acquisition

Roads and Maritime Services may need to acquire privately owned land as part of developing or upgrading infrastructure. This page provides general information about the process.

A property is described as being 'directly affected' by a project when Roads and Maritime needs to acquire part or all of it in order to deliver the project. Roads and Maritime will, at the relevant time, contact owners of affected properties.

If private property is directly affected, Roads and Maritime has the authority to acquire it under the NSW Roads Act (1993), either by negotiation and agreed sale or through a compulsory acquisition process.

An owner's entitlement to compensation for their land being acquired is provided by the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.

The Roads and Maritime Land Acquisition Information Guide sets out in the detail the processes relating to land acquisition.

Guides and fact sheets

Foreign Residents Capital Gains Withholding Tax Fact Sheet

July 2017

A short fact sheet summarising the foreign resident capital gains withholding tax regime. While this factsheet should not be relied upon without further advice, it explains the imposed tax regime withholding tax for foreign owners of property.

Exceptional Hardship Land Purchase guideline

August 2016

This guide provides some important information for land owners who are experiencing exceptional hardship. It explains the process when Roads and Maritime may, in its absolute discretion, purchase residential properties not within the construction footprint of a road project, or otherwise required for the project, if land owners are able to demonstrate and meet the criteria for exceptional hardship. The guide does not constitute legal advice.

If you would like to speak to the exceptional hardship coordinator, please contact Roads and Maritime on telephone number (02) 8849 2905.

Property acquisition fact sheet

April 2014

A short fact sheet providing a general overview of the acquisition process.

Land acquisition information guide

July 2014

This guide explains in more detail what happens when Roads and Maritime needs to acquire private land to upgrade roads, build new roads or maintain existing roads. The purpose of the guide is to give people a good understanding of what to expect if their property is affected by land acquisition.

Property acquisition of subsurface lands

October 2021

A short fact sheet explaining the process when Roads and Maritime needs to acquire privately owned land below the surface of the ground, as part of developing or upgrading road assets such as tunnels. These acquisitions are referred to as 'subsurface acquisitions'.

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