Statement of business ethics

The Statement of business ethics provides guidelines on what to expect from Roads and Maritime Services and explains the mutual obligations, roles and constraints of all parties. All individuals and organisations that deal with Roads and Maritime must adopt these standards of ethical behaviour. The standards comply with NSW Government guidelines for procurement, contracting and market testing.

This is a summary of the Roads and Maritime Services Statement of business ethics. You can view or download the full document from the section at the bottom of this page.

Roads and Maritime's dealings with the private sector include purchasing goods and services, joint ventures and the complete contracting out of activities once performed by Roads and Maritime.

Roads and Maritime requires its employees and contract staff to:

  • Comply with Roads and Maritime and government policies and procedures
  • Show fairness in their treatment of all individuals or organisations that supply goods or services to Roads and Maritime
  • Encourage fair and open competition while seeking value for money
  • Try to minimise costs to suppliers participating in the procurement process
  • Protect commercial-in-confidence information
  • Deal honestly with suppliers and pay accounts on time
  • Always be accountable and act in the public interest
  • Avoid situations where private interests conflict with public duty
  • Not solicit or accept financial or other benefits from a supplier for performing official duties
  • Respond to reasonable requests for advice and information without delay.

Tenderers, suppliers, consultants and contractors are expected to:

  • Respect the conditions and requirements stated in documents supplied by Roads and Maritime
  • Present information concisely
  • Comply with any codes of tendering and practice that apply
  • Respect the obligation of Roads and Maritime staff to comply with government procurement policies
  • Not act fraudulently or secretively
  • Prevent the unauthorised release of privileged or confidential information, such as commercial-in confidence information
  • Not discuss Roads and Maritime's dealings with the media, without consulting Roads and Maritime first
  • Respond to reasonable requests for advice and information
  • Not offer Roads and Maritime employees or contract staff any financial or other inducements which may lead to, or be seen as leading to, gaining an unfair advantage in dealings with Roads and Maritime
  • Comply with Roads and Maritime's post separation employment guidelines.

Ethics information line

Contact Roads and Maritime's ethics information line on 1800 043 642 for:

  • Advice on any related issues
  • If you are concerned that a breach of the law or unethical conduct may have occurred.

This could include fraud, corrupt conduct, maladministration, or serious and substantial waste.


Roads and Maritime Services statement of business ethics

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