Community engagement

Community engagement ensures effective planning and decision making and provides important information on Roads and Maritime Services projects. Community engagement also identifies issues that may need to be considered.

Roads and Maritime strives to engage with customers and the community to understand their needs and consider these when making decisions. In undertaking community and stakeholder engagement activities, our goals are to:

  • Enhance its transparency and public accountability
  • Ensure that its decision-making is inclusive of diverse community ideas and opinions
  • Ensure that its strategic planning, project development, and service delivery meets the balance of community needs and expectations
  • Create a more efficient organisation based on collaborative decision-making and enhanced public trust

Roads and Maritime engages the community through activities such as public meetings and workshops, online forums and community discussion groups, media announcements, letterbox drops and newsletters, site open days, advisory committees, surveys and questionnaires and this website.

We also participate in a range of significant advisory groups and committees to remain informed about reports, reviews, impact statements and inquiries that are relevant to its operations and operating environment.

Proposals for large development projects, such as major road developments, are placed on public display at the concept stage and public meetings are held to enable affected people to voice their opinions. In addition, public opinion is sought during the preparation and evaluation of Environmental Impact Statements.

Roads and Maritime reviews our policies, processes and guidelines which support effective communication and engagement with our many stakeholders.

There are community discussions taking place on projects every day across NSW. Find projects in your area or contact us for further information.

Sponsorship statement

Roads and Maritime Services sponsors a range of programs that assist in delivering its objectives. Current programs Roads and Maritime Services sponsors include NSW Bike Week and The Young Engineer Awards.

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