Road Freight Industry Council

The role of the NSW Road Freight Industry Council (RFIC) is to focus on road freight transport issues that affect road safety, efficiency and productivity in relation to operational and customer service matters.

This includes:

  • Regulatory and operational road freight matters
  • Improving road freight transport safety management outcomes
  • Ongoing development and delivery of NSW road freight network and the sustainability of road freight transport assets
  • Innovative practices within road freight transport and logistics at National and International levels
    Delivering strong compliance assurances for the community, the road transport and logistics industries and local governments
  • the role of freight for Regional and Rural NSW


Membership is by personal invitation from the Minister for Roads.


The council includes industry leaders with a strong understanding of safety and efficiency issues in freight transport and logistics, and the members are dedicated to improving road safety, increasing productivity and reducing costs associated with transport of road freight.


Meetings are chaired by Roads and Maritime Services Chief Executive.


Submissions are generally confidential but may be made public, depending on the circumstances.

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