Maritime committees and groups

We liaise with our Maritime stakeholders through a number of advisory groups. Find out about the Maritime Advisory Council and Marine Rescue NSW.

Maritime Advisory Council

Transport for NSW actively participates in the Maritime Advisory Council.

The Maritime Advisory Council is responsible for providing expert and independent advice to the Minister on boating safety, as well as monitoring boating crash statistics and trends, and advising on expenditure priorities.

The Council is independently chaired, and includes expertise based representation from the major recreational boating and commercial vessel sectors.

Stakeholder Advisory Groups covering recreational vessels, commercial vessels and maritime property are also established to provide specific maritime sector advice.

Find out more about the Maritime Advisory Council and the Advisory Groups on the Maritime Advisory Groups pages.

Marine Rescue NSW logo

Marine Rescue NSW

Marine Rescue NSW is the State’s official volunteer marine rescue service and a key partner in safe boating. Marine Rescue NSW:

  • Provides swift, coordinated marine emergency response
  • Boating safety education and marine licence course for local boats
  • Continuous radio coverage of the marine bands along the NSW coastline

An annual ‘Marine Rescue contribution’ is also collected as part of Transport for NSW boat drivers licence and boat registration fees on behalf of Marine Rescue NSW. The contribution helps support the operation of Marine Rescue NSW, its 3,000 volunteer members and 46 Marine Rescue Units across the State

Visit the Marine Rescue NSW website for more information about membership and services.

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