Accessible transport

Our objective is to ensure the accessibility of transport options is aligned to the needs of the community and economy.

Roads and Maritime delivers initiatives to support access to public transport solutions such as buses, taxis, walking and cycling. Roads and Maritime also works to ensure our infrastructure meets the needs of customers, such as providing suitable access for mobility impaired travellers.

Providing equitable access to public transport services is a key Government objective.

A core role of Government transport agencies is to provide access to transport services for all sections of the community including people with a disability, older persons, children, students and commuters.

To meet the travelling needs of people with a disability, transport agencies are developing infrastructure, transport services and access to information that is fully accessible.

Full accessibility can only be achieved by the progressive removal of barriers so that the entire community can share in the benefits of the transport system.

Read the Accessible Transport Action Plan from the Transport for NSW website.

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