Community to help shape a safer Snowy Valleys intersection

20 October 2020

The Snowy Valleys community and road users have responded to the NSW Government’s call for input on how to improve safety at the Snowy Mountains Highway intersection with Batlow Road.

A total of 65 responses were received by email, phone, letter and online during consultation which closed at the end of August.

“There have been a number of crashes at this intersection which have had lasting effects on the local community. Our goal is to make this intersection as safe as it can be for all road users,” Transport for NSW A/ South West Director Jonathan Tasker said.

“Who better to ask than the local community and those who drive these key connector roads about what the issues are and how best to address them?

“The main themes in comments received centre around visibility for those negotiating the intersection, alignment and road markings, and the give way treatment on the Snowy Mountains Highway turning lane.”

Mr Tasker said another key part of the feedback received related to the speed limit through the area.

“We have already committed to carrying out a speed zone review along the full length of Batlow Road and on sections of the Snowy Mountains Highway around the Batlow Road intersection,” he said.

The community is invited to view the summary of comments compiled in a consultation report available at Snowy Mountains Highway Batlow Road.

Transport for NSW thanks all community members and stakeholders who participated in the consultation period and will continue to keep the community up-to-date as any future safety improvements progress.

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