Faster response times for marine emergencies out of Botany Bay

27 August 2020

Southern Sydney's waterside base for marine emergency and boating safety services has just had a facelift.

NSW Maritime A/ Executive Director Alex Barrell said the marina of the Sans Souci Marine Centre in Botany Bay had required a complete rebuild after 20 years of service in a hostile natural environment.

"Tides and currents along with southerly winds had their effect on the previous marina, which was built in the lead up to the Sydney Olympic Games," Mr Barrell said.

"It's a tough marine environment in this part of Botany Bay, so the new design incorporated a four-metre wave attenuator from the marina structure to stabilise and reduce the effects of the waves on berthed vessels.

"Most importantly, the new facility will allow each agency to improve response times for maritime rescue and safety work."

The marine centre is the headquarters for the joint forces of NSW Maritime, NSW Police Marine Area Command and the Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries). The shared office space was renovated four years ago.

Mr Barrell said access to the floating structures is from an 18-metre gangway where it is possible to walk out across the top of the wave attenuator.

"The existing boat ramp has been widened and extended to cater for dual-lane access with an on-ramp pontoon to the western side of the ramp," he said.

"Having dual access to the marina will improve working conditions for staff during high risk emergency marine exercises."

The $3.7 million overhaul of the marina by Transport for NSW started in February this year with the demolition of the previous marina followed by the building of an entirely new marina capable of berthing up to 13 boats with additional berthing for six jetskis used in safety patrols.

Boats are expected to be moved to the new marina from as early as next week.

For more information visit the Sans Souci Marine Centre project page.

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