Blues and Maroons unite for a safe Australia Day long weekend

24 January 2020

NSW and Queensland boating safety authorities will join forces this weekend for a cross-border safety, education and compliance operation.

NSW Maritime Acting Executive Director Alex Barrell said NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers will be patrolling with Maritime Safety Queensland and NSW Police across the long weekend to demonstrate that safety is a team effort.

“Around 72 per cent of boaters on the Tweed River – a NSW waterway - are from Queensland,” he said.

“The Australia Day long weekend is traditionally a busy time for boating. We want boaters to have a level of confidence in their knowledge of the rules that apply in NSW waters.”

Mr Barrell said there were a couple of key messages for cross border boating to ensure everyone remains safe.

“If you are operating a vessel in waters of your primary place of residence, the vessel must be registered in that state and you must comply with the applicable safety equipment requirements. If you then cross the border you will also be compliant in that state,” he said.

“The flipside is that when it comes to speed, distance off, towing and licensing, skippers must comply with the relevant rules for the waterway they are operating on.

“Practically, this means a Queensland skipper operating on NSW waters must remember to reduce speed to six knots within 30 metres of a bridge or another vessel.

“Ultimately, we want everyone to be able to head out for a day on the water and have a great time – regardless of whether it is a stand up paddle board, kayak, motor boat, yacht or jetski.”

For more information on NSW boating rules, visit the maritime page.

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