Reduced traffic noise for Menai residents near Alfords Point Road

18 December 2019

Residents in Menai will experience less traffic noise with work complete on a new noise wall along Alfords Point Road.

The wall has been installed by the NSW Government ahead of schedule, which is good news for locals experiencing high levels of traffic noise.

The wall is an effective noise mitigation treatment, providing a barrier to protect homes on Old Illawarra Road, Mena Road and Outlook Circuit from traffic noise coming from thousands of passing vehicles.

The wall is on the northbound verge of Alfords Point Road, just past the intersection with Old Illawarra Road at Menai.

The texture and colour of the 318 metre long concrete noise wall fits in with the local landscape, is low maintenance and discourages graffiti and vandalism.

A noise analysis was completed by an independent consultant to identify the expected level of noise reduction and guide the design of the wall.

The project is part of the Noise Abatement Program which addresses traffic noise impacts from State and Federal roads, funded by the NSW Government and delivered by Transport for NSW.

For more details on this program visit the Noise abatement program webpage.

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