Speed limit changes along sections of M4 Motorway

8 November 2019

Motorists are advised original speed limits are being reinstated from this week along the M4 Motorway between Mays Hill and Penrith.

Transport for NSW Executive Director Sydney John Hardwick said the speed limits were lowered to allow work to be carried out safely on the NSW Government’s $600 million M4 Smart Motorway project.

“In December 2017, the speed limit along the M4 Motorway was lowered to allow crews to build additional lanes, upgrade interchanges and install intelligent technology,” Mr Hardwick said.

“With work being carried out in live traffic conditions, it was essential lower speed limits were in place to ensure the safety of all workers and motorists.”

Mr Hardwick said work on the project is progressing well, with a majority of the major work now complete.

“As the project nears completion, original speed limits will be reinstated across the next few months which will provide more consistent journeys for motorists,” Mr Hardwick said.

“From this week, the speed limit will be reinstated along a number of sections of the M4 Motorway including between Mulgoa Road and The Northern Road in both directions.

“As work is continuing along some sections of the M4 Motorway, some work zones will remain at 80 km/h to ensure the safety of workers and motorists.

“Motorists are reminded to drive to the conditions and follow all signs when travelling through work zones.”

For more information around the reinstated speed limits, visit M4 Smart Motorway project.

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