Bridging the gap at busy Frenchs Forest intersection

8 July 2019

Work has been successfully carried out on the next section of the new underpass bridge at Wakehurst Parkway as part of the Northern Beaches Hospital road upgrade.

Roads and Maritime Services Executive Director Sydney John Hardwick said crews were out in force last weekend to continuously pour more than 300 cubic metres of concrete to build the western side of the underpass bridge.

“Crew were on site for around 10 hours to get the last bridge deck just right,” Mr Hardwick said.

“Work was carried out earlier this year to build the eastern side of the underpass bridge so it is pleasing to see the other side of the bridge is progressing.

“This work has again demonstrated what it takes to improve existing roads on the busy NSW road network.”

Mr Hardwick said work will be carried out in coming months to join the two sides of the Wakehurst Parkway underpass bridge.

“Much like the work recently carried out on the Forest Way underpass bridge, crews will return to stitch together the two sections of the bridge,” Mr Hardwick said.

“Once this is complete, work will be carried out to install temporary and permanent bridge barriers, traffic lights, asphalt and line marking.”

Mr Hardwick said once all three bridges and the underpass are completed, motorists will enjoy smoother trips along Warringah Road.

“Thousands of vehicles use Warringah Road each day but this number is expected to increase as the Northern Beaches community grows,” Mr Hardwick said.

“The community and motorists will continue to see work progressing on the underpass, which is being carried out in stages to minimise the impact to motorists.

“Building the underpass is a challenging task but once complete, it will provide motorists with improved traffic flow and safety for years to come.”

To keep up to date with the project, visit the Northern Beaches Hospital road upgrade page.

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