Warning for people to avoid flood waters after kayaker rescued

7 OCTOBER 2016

Roads and Maritime Services has issued a warning to boaters and community members to avoid heading out on the water due to flooding creating dangerous conditions and a large amount of debris.

Director of Maritime Angus Mitchell said the warning should also be heeded by people using kayaks, stand up paddleboards, or personal watercraft on flood waters.

“Floodwaters can pose great danger to the community and they should be avoided in all but exceptional circumstances,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Yesterday, a man had to be rescued after taking his kayak into flood waters near the Murray River on the Victorian border.

“Floodwaters can be fast moving with under currents and the main danger is you do not know what debris is lurking underneath which can cause a personal water craft or boat to easily capsize, become disabled, or even for the hull to be punctured.”

Mr Mitchell said Boating Safety Officers will be out inspecting damage along the Murray River and local inland waterways during the weekend.

“If it is necessary to go out on the water in the next couple of days, Roads and Maritime recommends skippers navigate with caution and avoid sports which require towing such as water skiing or wake boarding,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Use of personal watercraft should be avoided until it is safe to do so.

"As well as large logs, submerged tree trunks and other debris in the water presenting a hazard to navigation, it is possible many navigation aids such as channel markers have been displaced.”

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