Tag testing starts on new gantries for Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel

22 August 2016

Testing of the new Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel tolling gantries which will replace the existing toll points starts on Wednesday 24 August.

No charges will apply during the testing of the new equipment, expected to continue until December.

“Roads and Maritime Services is installing four new tolling gantries on the northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel to cater for future demand, ensure ongoing reliability of the technology and to improve traffic flow,” a Roads and Maritime spokesperson said.

“The first gantry has been installed across the High Street on-ramp onto the Warringah Freeway.

“The remaining gantries above the eastern and western Mount Street off-ramp and Sydney Harbour Bridge High Street on-ramp are expected to be installed by end of September, weather permitting.

“Toll testing will start on the new gantry from Wednesday 24 August and if motorists hear a beep they can be assured they won’t be paying a cent.

“Tolls will continue to be charged as normal at the northern end of the Cahill Expressway and at the southern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the Bradfield Highway until the end of December.

“Motorists will be given plenty of warning before the toll point is changed to the new gantries.

“A rigorous testing schedule must be carried out because the last thing we want is for motorists to be charged the wrong toll.

“There will be no change to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel tolls when the new technology is implemented.

“Once the new toll gantries are operational the existing toll booths can be removed including the southern toll plaza, with work expected the start before the end of the year.”

For more information visit Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel tolling upgrade.

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