Changed boating conditions on Currambene Creek at Huskisson

12 JULY 2016

Boaters are advised navigation restrictions will be in place on Currambene Creek at Huskisson from next week for dredging work to be carried out.

Shoalhaven City Council will carry out work during daylight hours for around four weeks from Tuesday 19 July, weather permitting.

All boaters coming within 100 metres of the work must comply with the four knot speed limit and minimise wash.

The area will be marked with inflatable buoys and monitored by control vessels.

Boaters are asked to exercise extreme caution, pass only on the safe side of work and keep a safe distance from the dredge and dredging equipment.

Roads and Maritime reminds people to wear a lifejacket when boating, especially in vessels smaller than 4.8 metres when alone, at night or offshore.

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