Motorists warned of snow and ice danger on state's roads

24 JUNE 2016

Motorists are advised to be aware of dangerous road conditions with snow predicted to create hazards on roads in the state’s alpine, central and northern tableland regions from today.

Snow is expected to fall at altitudes as low as 800 metres with heavy falls of up to 10cm expected between Oberon and Orange.

“All drivers should be prepared and equipped for sudden changes in road and weather conditions in Alpine areas,” a Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said.

“Motorists are advised to drive to the road conditions and delay unnecessary journeys if possible.

“There is a high chance ice and snow will be present in areas which are not normally subject to these conditions.”

Motorists who are travelling along Kosciuszko Road, Alpine Way, between Cooma and Talbingo on the Snowy Mountains Highway and Brown Mountain to Cooma on the Snowy Mountains and Monaro Highways are warned to take particular care.

Conditions between Oberon and Orange are predicted to be hazardous, particularly on Friday evening.

Motorists in the state’s north west travelling to Armidale, Guyra and Murrurundi are also advised to exercise extreme caution.

"Snow and sleet not only make the road slippery, but may prevent you from being able to stop when you need to or cause you to lose control of your vehicle,” the spokesperson said.

“Some tips to drive safely include reducing speed when weather conditions deteriorate, use your headlights and fog lights, don’t overtake other vehicles and always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

“Braking on icy or wet conditions should also be gentle as braking distances increase dramatically in these conditions.

"Electronic message signs are positioned at critical locations across the Alpine Region to inform motorists of potential hazards, traffic delays and chain bay operations.”

For up to date road conditions in the snowfields and information on road closures, contact the Transport Management Centre on 132 701 or log on to Live Traffic at


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